Yoga: Neti buri Kunji Kore

Trina Talukdar

“Neti buri kunji kore, ghuchkun munu tu. Badur bachcha, badur bachcha, nyat ba cha-chang chang.”

I’m sure most bongs in every hemisphere has heard that sometime in their lives. In my family it is used as a mantra of endearment and as I’m a ‘lovely kid’ I hear it almost daily, and get over-doses of it at family weddings.

In spite of being inquisitive I never wondered what it meant because I just assumed it was a collection of funny sounding words…there are too many of them in Bangla- pota (with a nasal twang on the ‘po’), shikni, potol (a unique bong vegetable with no english translation), pachhu (I’m not trying to be profane…but common, its a funny word!)

But turns out “neti buri kunji…” has multiple possible origins.

The first story goes that the Indian farmers were up in rebellion outside the East India Company’s headquarters when the saheb asked “Native ra kun chiz kore?” to which an Indian watchman replied in an attempt to pacify the saheb, “Ghussa mat koro tum” and the conversation continued in a medley of English, Hindi and Bangla, which over the years has been played Chinese whisper with and transformed into ‘neti buri kunji kore, ghuchkun munu tu…’.

And the second origin I’ve hit upon today at my Yoga class. Once every week I have to drink 6 glasses of water, do asanas and pee my brains out. This asana is called “Laghu Shankh Prakshalaya.”

The second asana involves shoving the long spout of a lota filled with water into my nose. I have to pour the water into my right nostril and make it pour out of the left nostril. This enlightening experience is called “Nyati Buddhi.”

Then I have to drink another six glasses of brine and puke it all out. This activity, “Kunjal,” gives you a warm sense of community. All of us gather around a huge tub, shove our fingers into our throat and vomit into the community tub…what a pleasant experience, wouldn’t you say? I was supposed to do “Kunjal” on an empty stomach but I cheated (I got hungry, ok!) and ate 2 biscuits. So in this community tub of multi-coloured vomit there were these tiny pieces of Brittania Thin-arrowroot biscuit floating around. There’s no cheating to your yoga instuctor, mate, you have to vomit out the truth!

Now put all that together: “Nyati Buddhi, Kunjal, Laghu Shankha Prakshalaya.” Sounds familiar? So really, every time my grandparents and kakis and mamis and what nots have been saying “Neti Budi Kunji Kore,Ghuchkun Munu Tu” to me while pressing my cheeks and hugging me, they’ve imparting centuries old yogic knowledge!

Ohm shantih shantih shantih.

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"Yoga: Neti buri Kunji Kore" by @bongbuzz



  1. I could never have guessed it! So yoga goes back the generations in your family eh? or it may just be a massive coincidence lol :) Oh and that yoga asana does sound like fun!

  2. @ trina

    i could make sense of it either, until ofcourse i read ur whole article.

    besides that , i am really glad taht i dnt take yoga lessons!

  3. Ok…beat this…u thought the 3 asanas i told u about was fun??
    You know those rubber tubes they tie around your arm before they insert an injection and take a blood sample from you? Well, yesterday I had to insert that rubber tube into my mouth, take out the other end from my nostril and pull the rubber tube back and forth, like flossing you teeth, to clean my nasal passage!!
    You should all be glad that you don’t take Yoga lessons!

  4. @trina

    what made u take up yoga lessons all of a sudden??…n if all that u have written is true..u mus be having an awful expirience ….except for the pain are u gainin anythin out of it??…does it really help to gain concentration..if yes then i so wanna try it..part1 xamz are knockin at the door..and my concentration level seems to be diminshing day by day..

  5. @Rubina
    My mother forced me into Yoga lessons because I was having problems concentrating. It’s like I can’t stare at a printed page for more than 10 minutes…the image disturbs me. And that is pretty fatal before your Part 1 exams!
    Well, to answer all your question…NO! Puking my stomach, peeing my brains off or flossing my nose hasn’t helped me concentrate. As a matter of fact, I just come home from Yoga class feeling really sick and as class starts at 5 am, I just come back home, go back to bed and wake up at noon.
    But my mother still holds on strongly to her hope, so I’m going to have to suffer this till I leave this god-forsaken city (you don’t get pizza ANYWHERE in this city!).

  6. @trina

    no worries…u jus havta spend a week more in tat god-forsaken city……so u c part1 xamz in a way has proved 2 b a boon 4 u(not 4 us though) it wil help u escape 4m the pathetic yoga lessons….

  7. OMG! You really have to go thru all these! A rubber tube to clean the nasal passage! Just the thought of it drives me shaky. Eeeeeekk! Hey get rid of this as soon as possible. No wonder these lessons make you feel sick.

    A set of breathing exercises can help u regain concentration and an aerobics class may relax and rejuvenate ur mind. Thats wat I would suggest.

  8. @ Nipon
    Nice to have u back on ur own site!
    Hey, how do u put a pic of urself next to ur posts?? I wanna do it too!
    Oh yes, don’t worry, just 2 more days in Bhubaneshwor, then i’m done with those yoga classes!
    And as for doing aerobics for concentration…I think its too late now. my exams start in 4 days.

  9. ya i forgot to tell this. soon i ll add this under FAQ…. anyone can have a pic of choice shown against his/her comment. these are called gravatars or globally recognized avatars. go to and sign up with that email id (which is ur gmail id in this case, as i know) that u use to comment here.

  10. @ Trina

    I can make perfect sense of all of it now.I am the most delighted creature at this moment, to actually KNOW someone otherthan my mum , who has gone through the ordreal.Oh mum dad are yoga freaks,Kunjal,Neti etc have been household names, at one point they even had friends joining them early morning to practise the same sanskritik- soundin-make wierd noisesjamsessions.Talk about comunity feel uh?

    the little deifference is, you’re being put through this,mum loved it . :(

    The Big difference – I somehow escaped the ordeal myself . Only subjected to mum’s treatises on the body and the ” 5 Internal chakras” n blablablabla…..

    oh btw, every body check out that amazing new “life insurance” ad. very relevant in context of the topic being discussed here :P

    take care all!

  11. How can anyone “love” to have their stomach retched out?? How can anyone ever…ever like the sensation of salt water dribbling up and down ur nostrils and some of it, wet with the mucus from your nostrils, slip into your mouth. EEw, eeww…uuuggghh!!
    Vatsala, I am just glad you escaped it! I mean for all you know that vomiting could make you Bulemic!
    And do you mean the “excercise” Vs “fashion” ad? Yes, it’s brilliant. There were a lot of socialites at my yoga class who probably reply to queries on their glowing skin with a smirk and an upturned nose, “I’ve started taking yoga lesson,” when its really just beautox!