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Trina Talukdar

I don’t know how many of you have already done this…but all of should go to and check it out. It’s something like Google-Earth…basically you can zoom into any part of the world real close. You can identify your house, college…it’s pretty cool! I got so excited the first time I saw it…I was calling everyone up and telling them to check my house out; they checked out their own houses instead, but never mind that!

Wikimapia is easier to use than googlearth because to use googlearth you have to download a software and everything, but wikimapia is a plain n simple site that technically challenged people too can easily use.

And the best part about wikimapia is that you can but a little box around your house or neighbourhood or favourite cafe and write its name and some info about it for all the world to see. It’s a real pity that some people have misutilised this function and just write stupid stuff like “This is my house” or “Sheesha sux!” But please use wikimapia intelligently because the site deserves it.

Check out St. Xavier’s College: you can easily make it out and it’s very intricately labelled. Not only is the college labeled but almost every department, the Vice-Principle’s office, Arun Da’s canteen…you can see it all!

The US side has a much clearer resolution. Check out the White House….you can literally see people swimming in the pool!!

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"Wiki World" by @bongbuzz



  1. hey, i went throught the site – tis amazing!

    in fact, i hope that now with an aerial view of the roads, maybe i’d be able to 2 find my way better.

  2. hey that was amazing..i never relly thought i would locate batanagar in there….i knw i am being stupid in sayin this..but i was so thrilled to see that…

  3. This is simply amazing!!!!I just found out my home……..I mean almost(finding someone’s house will be too much).But this is awesome.And yeah our college(St.Xavier’s ofcourse)was absolutely prominent.

  4. Please don’t feel stupid saying you felt really excited n all when u saw ur house…coz like i said in the initial article…i started calling everyone up and telling them to look-up my house in wiki-mapia.
    And hey arko! Ur in Xavier’s too?? How did you get onto Bongbuzz? What do u study in Xavier’s? Wait a minute…are you the one who has the favourite Om Kurti?

  5. damn! i guess i am the only one who couldnt find her house- and i live pretty inside teh city confines… i mean i located the nearest CCD and those ‘landmark’ shops and evrythign but not my house.. i just cuodnt find my way.
    But ihavent given up. Will go back again and find my way.

    @ trina.
    did u see prime on the map – its there!

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