War and Peace

Trina Talukdar

I am afraid. I am afraid that my country is going to war. I am afraid that what I saw happen to Iraq in print will happen to my country in real. That one of those bodies wrapped in blood is going to be mine. That one day they will hand me a tri-colour flag that had covered my love’s dead body.
“Whether to forgive the terrorists or not is in God’s hands. But it is in our hands to arrange the meeting.” Such smses scare me. When someone tells me, “Did you see how Israel bombed Palestine? That’s attitude!” That scares me. To think that it would be worth killing 500 people to show your “attitude.” To kill 500 people and be proud of it. It scares me very much.
Simi Gerewal says it’s time we wiped Pakistan off the map of the world. Shobha De says, “Enough is enough.” Hey don’t know what enough is do they? They give up so easily. With their immaculate white suits and starry nights in Bombay pent houses, they don’t know Maganlal whose slum dwelling gets demolished every month to leave him to pick up the pieces, and Saraswati who is shoved around from one footpath to the other, one park bench to the other to sleep on, and 13-year old Munia who was raped when she was 8 and still is- they still haven’t had enough. They are not scared of their oppressors. They turn around and reconstruct their shanty and find a new footpath to sleep on and somehow learn to enjoy a hairy 90kg man heaving on top of them. Two nights of terror in a hotel they frequent and they have already had enough?
No one proposes going to war against the government who allows such atrocities to be inflicted upon its people.
This does not mean that I’m demeaning the degree of the terror attacks or devaluing the life of the people who died. Quite the contrary actually. I value the life of the 500 people who died too much to let 50,000 people die at war to avenge those 500 deaths. It’s so simple. The logic is so simple. Don’t you see it? You are so angry because they killed 500 people. How will it make you less angry if 100 times more people die at war?
I know I sound desperate. But I don’t know how else to do it. The only way I know to reverse the war propaganda triggered by the media is to do it person by person. So if any of you think that India should go to war against Pakistan then write to me in the comments section, tell me your argument and I will die convincing you against it, but I WILL NOT DIE AT WAR.

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"War and Peace" by @bongbuzz



  1. ” Attitude ” here is not to show that we can , but to show that ” We aint soft target ” ..But Yeh the thought of violence and spread and reach of the same thoughts are frightening. We lost trust , on our neighbours , we lost trust on our own self ,

    War aint the answer , Really aint as those cold blooded bureaucrats and te..orists’ main aim is to start war…

    All said and done , it aint about convincing anyone , that war is the answer , but to start convincing self , that if WAR AINT the answer , what is it then …




  2. @ Anuj

    1. To show that you can…to show ur not soft target…wutever it is that you want to show..you want to kill 500 people to show it?
    Also think about who you want to show it to? The government? the terrorists? are they among the 500 people who die?? no…its the common masses that die… do u have anything to show to them?

    2. You know y ur ready to die at war?? because ur a victim of media propaganda. you were never ready to die to save slums being broken down and support those that were being evicted and made homeless. you were never ready to die defending human rights. how come?

  3. Trina,

    1) On what basis do you make the assumption that by not going to war now we will not lose another 500 lives? Even I’m totally against the loss of innocent lives (not just civilians but soldiers also) but will that not mean losing 1000 lives a year for the next 100 years?

    2) I kind of agree with Anuj. We are just too used to being soft targets, we are just being taken for granted. And since we failed to nip them while in the bud, we should just f**k the bas****s in whatever magnanimous form they have now assumed.

    3) At the end of the day we all have a role to play. Just like there are people ready to go to war there are ones like you to save the slums. It pure division of labour and we all come out winners.

  4. Yes, there is no gaurantee that by not going to war we are not inviting another terror attack. BUt there is that possibility that there won’t be a terror attack. But by going to war we are sure that there will be huge losses…financial, human resources and infrastructure.

    and tht’s another thing…at this time can our country afford to go to war? A war for any country at any point of time means going back 10 years development-wise.

    why is war the answer?? isn’t it so much more logical to develop our intelligence system, police force, bomb sqad, etc etc to stop the terror attacks instead.

    i mean seriously…u guys are talking like hitler. he said the best way to sterilise the jews was to gas them…if they are dead they can’t have children. ur saying lets kill thousands of pakistanis just in case we manage to kill a few prospective terrorists in the process…tht is so illogical!

  5. Look no one is saying that we should kill a thousand Pakistanis in order to get a few terrorists. We have something called military intelligence and that ensures that in case we do go to war, we target specific spots and not drop bombs randomly all over Karachi and Multan.

    Secondly, what Anuj and me probably meant was that in case we are provoked, we shouldn’t sit back and wait for a ceasefire.. we should just go all out.

    It’s also time the crucial decision making power of whether or not to attack was transferred to the Army Chief from the Prime Minister.

  6. What is the range of a bomb?? Is it so accurate that it can kill specific individuals?

    What about the economic consequences of war? Is India in a position to afford it?

    Its heartening to know some people still believe in our intelligence…RAW RAW RAW your boat…lol!