Tuccho (2008) by Cactus


cover_2008Released in 2008, this material is a bit too old for reviewing…I understand, but heck, Nipon wanted me to do this anyway so here it is…
Formed in the year 1992 the bangla-band Cactus has come a long way in the bangla rock scene…it’s been almost two decades!!! With songs like Shudhu tumi ele na, Halud pakhi, Mon, Bodhu re that Cactus belted over the years, we melted…we cheered…we sang along…we screamed our lungs out along with our heart…we held our loved ones and cried…

With the changing rock scene worldwide, Cactus answered back with their new sound and a new line up in this fourth album Tuccho released in 2008! With songs like Kobita dao, Masiha, Raater pori their experiments with alt-rock, punk-rock and rap are clear. And there’s the trademark Cactus ballads as well like Phire chawa, Bhalo theko, Shabdhane raasta perio, Pokkhiraj…but I gotta say this I really miss Pota’s vocals which worked magic with ballads! But it’s time to move on i guess…

All I can say to the ardent fans of Cactus and to all the bangla rock lovers who have already bought this CD, is.. kudos Cactus did it again! and to those who haven’t had the chance to listen to this album yet…please do give Tuccho a try and I promise you’ll not regret it!

Hope Cactus continues to quench the thirst of all it’s fans for many more decades to come!

Cactus Members
Cactus Celebrating The Success of Tucchho (Image © Bong Buzz)

Song List:

  • Tuccho ami
  • Phire chawa
  • Masiha
  • Kobita dao
  • Shabdhane raasta perio
  • Raater pori
  • Pokkhiraj
  • Bhalo theko

Record Label:

Asha Audio Company

Release Year:



  • Siddhartha (Vocals)
  • Sayak (Vocals)
  • Allan (Guitars)
  • Buti (Keyboards)
  • Sandip (Bass)
  • Baji (Drums)

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"Tuccho (2008) by Cactus" by @bongbuzz



  1. There are so many tracks from Cactus which never seem to grow old and strike a chord always! I was looking forward to Tuchho and boy, I wasn’t disappointed. One thing about this album. The sound is a lot different this time! Cactus has come a long way for sure.

    And it is never late Chandradeep. I haven’t had enough of Tuchho yet, you see! :D