Travelogues of a বেকার

Trina Talukdar

Lesson 1: যাত্রা শুরু


Having quit my job, gotten engaged and broken my leg, all within a mere three day span, I decided I still hadn’t had enough life-changing events for my fill. I decided it was time to “find myself”.

The Americans find themselves in India, and the Indians find themselves in austere Eastern European countries. Being, now, unemployed, I decided to take the cheaper option and find myself in my own country.

I had been heavily influenced by my recent read, “East of the Sun“, by yet another journalist-turned-author, whose name I cannot recall. And so I decided to follow what’s-his-face’s suggestion and go East of the sun- India’s North-East. (I am told I must use geographically correct terminology. Apparently I can now go to jail for 5 years for calling them what I have called them all my life, even though, when I say it I mean no disrespect. I was one of them for 10 years! How could I mean disrespect?)

Anyway, so, initially I tried garnering company for my (what was meant to be a)  life changing trip. I advertised on Facebook, I called up close friends personally, and discovered soon enough that everyone I knew had jobs, and a life. And so I set off on the road to the East of the sun by myself.

I never got there.

Jatra Shuru

(To be continued…
Lesson 2: একলা চল রে )

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"Travelogues of a বেকার" by @bongbuzz