The New Opium of the Masses

Trina Talukdar

“World Cup provides Momentary Distraction to Indians”

This was the headline of the New York Times on Sunday, 3rd April 2011- morning after India won the Cricket World Cup.

No, no…wait…don’t exile me from my country just yet! I am happy, excited (?), glad, India won the World Cup. I watched the match, I cheered, I constantly calculated asking run rates in my head, held my breath…the whole deal.

It was after the match, walking home, that I got disillusioned. There were not less than a 1000 people gathered at Lokhandwala circle, with symphony bands (the ones that play for baraats!), dancing, bursting fire crackers, riding on car roofs, 4 people to a bike, flaring Indian flags in the air.

Were they happy? I guess, we would first have to agree on the definition of “happiness“.  The Cambridge dictionary defines it as “lasting contentment.” This was not going to last! Tomorrow they would be hanging in crowded trains fighting out life again, the children would go to schools without teachers and books, some patients would die in hospitals because they couldn’t afford medicines. Contentment? Hell no…this was excitement perhaps, thrill, an adrenalin surge, but not happiness.

Winning the World Cup was not solving any of India’s problems, or the problems of these people dancing on the streets. And I wonder if they would be celebrating like this if any of their problems really got solved. The day the government started giving ART and DOTS for free in hospitals, were there people bursting crackers? The day the LGBT community stopped being marginalised legally did people fly the Indian flag? The day Kranti ended trafficking of 7 year old girls into the sex trade would a thousand people gather at Lokhandwala circle to congratulate us?

No. Because that’s not what the superstructure of education, media and socialisation has taught them. Our grandparents taught their children wrong. Which is why our parents, we, are dancing for all the wrong reasons. Let’s at least teach our children right. So they know India’s problems and try solving them, rather than distracting themselves with momentary distractions, like a mindless comedy movie or a winning the World Cup.

It makes me sick to think of the amount of money India has spent to make our team win the World Cup. The most expensive ticket to the Wankhede stadium was sold for Rs. 1.2 Crores! The BCCI is giving each player Rs. 1 Crore. Someone’s giving them an Audi, the government of Karnataka is giving them 4 acres of land each. 100s of Crores of rupees, which should be used to build health infrastructure, give electricity and running water to villages, subsidize rates of food grains, going to 15 men in a country of 1.2 billion.

Why? Because it is so much easier for the government to dole out this money to our cricket players and distract Indians from all our real problems, and so much harder to actually make policies and programs and implement them to actually develop the country and solve the real problems of people.

It’s no longer religion. Cricket is the new opium of the Indian masses.

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"The New Opium of the Masses" by @bongbuzz



  1. Tinni,
    You hit so hard ! Below the belt too !
    By writing this you will definitely be marginalized by the masses in commoner perception , I am sure. But even being your father, I feel/sense/know where from such frustration and introspection come. This is no bias, no father-daughter love.. this is as an Indian , i wish to say ” Kudos !”
    I was proud since your birth being your father. Today I am proud for you as an Indian as well : -)
    An Indian & Papa : -)

  2. Thank you Papa. I’m glad you understand.
    I got some sms forwards saying, “We kicked the British out, defeated the terrorists and won over Ravan.”
    What are we teaching our children? That all Pakistanis are terrorists? Is Khalida who fights to end honour killings in Pakistan a terrorist? Are Hajira and Sana (who I met at Cardiff) who opened a school for street children in Lahore terrorists? These are the sentiments that fuel wars were people die and our national resources are depleted.
    And I feel very very disappointed when the educated, upper middle classes forward messages like this. If we don’t have this much awareness, what can we expect from the mobs?

  3. Very interesting and heartfelt article my friend! While I do agree that these tournaments do get out of hand when it comes to scale, and that these events can serve as a distraction to people’s immediate surroundings, you must not underestimate the power of national pride. Any amount of investment the government can make to instil and encourage this is going to bear fruit. (However, the way they lavished freebies upon the players is a step way too far) Take South Africa for example. The World Cup of Rugby in 1995 helped to stabilise a country in poor circumstances, unite people from all classes and races, and it put South Africa on the map in terms of tourism and international relations. And you can bet we are still talking about the good it did and it’s 16 years ago.

    If Indians weren’t proud of their country there would be absolute apathy. I’m sure that most of your want to help people comes from your pride in your country, and wanting to keep India great. By no means am I saying you are wrong, but just asking you to consider my angle on things. I hope you are well my friend, we need more people like you and articles of this nature in the world. :)

  4. Well,

    I agree with the overall feeling and understand why the opinion that you have put forth, /i just wanted to give some food for thought.

    if on one day a bomb blast happens, and people go on with their lives the next day, it is deemed as “courage” and in this case is it really “momentary euphoria” and not just being pragmatic that what ultimately people are concerned with are their own lives….. I guess its about perspective. but interesting points none-the-less.

  5. As always a gem of an article,

    But aint it cliched.

    You chose the right headline ” Opium”. Even Alcohol does the same thing. In the morning you forget and you are back to your irony, but the time you are having it, world seems to be a great place to live in :)

    May be we idolize our cricketers a bit too far, i loathe the sport, but come to think of it, millions/billions of Indians, for those 6 hours of entertainment, forgot that they got fired, they lost a loved one recently or the misery that await them tomorrow.

    May be, I am wrong, but given a choice for that moment of satisfaction, I would be in the queue.

    Yes , our education system is skewed and we are growing manifold ( only in reproduction), but, the ones who dont make the “cut” idolize the one who do, .

    May be its time to change the definition from “Lasting contentment” to a ” momentarily lasting contentment”

  6. well, i guess that is a point of view, not too wrong.
    but nevertheless, you have to know that every person who burst crackers, and every person who waved the indian flag, did it, only because he knew that a thousand others would be doing it. he wanted to bond, and the world cup just gave him the reason to do so. people feel happy when government makes progress or when inflation comes down or when girls from villages become IAS officers. OH THEY SO DO. but they dont get to watch the girls struggling to get permissions to study, to get permissions to go out and take this exam. they dont get to hold their breath when a difficult question is tossed to her in an important interview.. they dont see how she batted it.. but they see every over and every ball of the cricket..they see how their team has struggled, and finally reached where it has, and more than anything, they know that everybody else saw it too.
    i saw here after the match, boys from BMWs dancing with boys on the street… as if they’ve wanted to mingle for so long, but just did not find an ‘appropriate’ chance. i saw people of different religions huddling together and dancing.. as if they wanted to hug for so long, but they did not find an ‘appropriate’ chance… the list can jus go on and on…
    having said that, i agree with your comment on the ravan and terrorist part. i heard of these fwds too and strongly condemn it. call it opium.. but i have seen this sport joining a billion hearts for a moment….in no way will i let a few people make it reason for divide.
    i am not a cricket fanatic. but the celebrations i saw disillusioned me in a very different way. i saw hope in my countrymen and women. i saw them starving for a reason to bond and celebrate together. life. cricket was just an excuse.
    all those ‘fights for justice’ are an example
    show all of them the struggle kranti went thru, till she got the trafficking ended, and make them feel their countrymen are watching it with them, and i’l take my words back.
    dont underestimate them, really. but yes, i’l say it again, on those dirty messages forwarded- i agree with you, on the vulgarity of the payment in cash/kind in the name of the sport- i agree with you, and brilliantly written piece- i agree with your father :)

  7. @ T – True dat. It’s been two days and all the news channels can show is what each player is upto. Aaj Tak seemed most concerned with where MSD’s lock of hair has disappeared to. At least that’s what I figured from the 15 minute long segment on his goldi-locks.

    Seems like the only thing that’s gonna take for the news channels to stop this strut is if someone decides to bomb Ayodhya or summat. The nuclear disaster in Japan, useless killings in Bahrain & Libya definitely don’t seem to make the cut.

    All in all, very well written. Although I am more a fan of House’s old adage, “Placebo for the masses.”

    @ Anuj – Alcohol and opium work very differently, my friend. They hardly do the same thing, let alone give you the same feeling.

    1. I guess it’s hard for some to understand the phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Many companies ha78#&ne21v;t learned that every new feature added chips away at simplicity and overall usability of their products. Prime example is my wife’s Blackberry. I can’t use the damn thing. Tons of features and buttons, but I can’t figure out how to send an email or browse the web.

  8. Wow! I’m glad to have sparked off such healthy debate, so let’s continue in the strain:

    1. Many of you have argued the case of “made them happy for those few hours”, “joined a billion hearts for a moment”, and so on. What this article is questioning is precisely this. Why should we be satisfied with a moment of joy, when the same amount of resources (putting together the BCCI’s budget to train the players, how much they’re paid, how much they make, etc) can be used to solve some of our country’s problems and give us permanent happiness?

    2. @Hinz: What good is BMW drivers dancing with street kids for 5mins when they will run over these kids tomorrow? What good is Hindus dancing with Muslims when tomorrow they’ll blame them for supporting Pakistan and rage riots.

    3. @Andrew: I think Indians need to feel pride for their country for it’s people being truly secular and accepting the LGBT community, not selling girls into prostitution. These are true reasons to feel pride for. It’s something they have done. But winning a match…they had no participation in it. What good is that pride? Is it even a valid reason to feel proud? As for tourism, the big hotels in the cities will make some more money, it won’t permeate down to the majority of the population.

    I am by no means undervaluing the importance of even momentary joy. All I’m saying is that we shouldn’t be satisfied with it. We need more

    1. I really loved Andrew’s comment about sports boosting the economy. And then read your comment about the wealth generated not percolating down to the underprivileged. Well, that is again another debate of liberal vs socialist economic policies. I can only tell that any ‘festival’ like this does help in some way or other – think of the many crackers, t shirts, flags & soft drinks (!) sold all over the country. Yet another way to look at it would be the market generated by cricket in India is saturated enough and another world cup doesn’t add much to it. Say what?

  9. @Diptish: We talk about Libya and Japan every day at home. Even Yemen and Bahrain and Palestine and Israel. You should be there for our dinner time chats. Our girls’ general knowledge and current affairs knowledge will kick all your asses :D

  10. yeah….was just about to ask anonymous what the point was.

    I mean, Shahid Afridi is doing his own bit being stupid and fueling anti-Indian feelings. And what does having “large hearts” have anything to do with nationality or religion. It’s so individualistic. But I do agree that the Indian media portrays Pakistanis negatively, and that America (the “third country”) is trying to take advantage of this enmity. So I agree with some, condemn some others. But what were you trying to say?

  11. Oh, and Hinz, I forgot to comment on this bit:

    If you can find any TV channel which will be interested in showing an “ball by ball” coverage of a trafficked girl battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, so the nation can watch it on live television and celebrate when she recovers, I’m all game!

    1. wel, i dnt know what to say about your view now, but i have faith that these same people who grabbed the chance to celebrate togetherness will kill each other. yes, there have been cases showing otherwise, agreed, but in no way can those undermine the ability of the majority… who live together amicably, who drive responsibly and respect the others around them.
      as to this, would you really want a “ball by ball” coverage of a trafficked girl battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” on national tv? i wont. thats too vulgar, but precisely the reason that it’l have many takers in some sections of the media.

  12. my point being that I agree that cricketers are paid obscene amounts which can and should rightfully be channelized elsewhere..but that is no reason to take any credit away from the world cup victory

    i am sure the author does a lot of good work as does the organization who’s link has been mentioned but is this post their way of feeling important about the work that they do?

    the victory did bring a lot of people together and did make a lot of people happy albeit temporary and i’m sure there are a great many who would appreciate even that momentary happiness

  13. @ anonymous – i think you’ve missed the whole point of the write-up. No one has a problem with the happiness and all that which the people of India are getting after so many years. The author here is a die-hard cricket fan (I know her), while I hate the game really. Nevertheless, neither could be happier when we won the cup. I danced out on the street with my roomie at midnight after India had won.

    The point being made here is, the problem is when it actually goes overboard. It’s been three days since the cup was won, yet my igoogle page gives me only these 3 links for “India’s latest news”:
    -Harbhajan attributes success to sant, meets him
    -Harbhajan Singh’s glorious homecoming
    -Harbhajan Singh meets his little well-wishers at home

    Hope the nail hits home this time around.

    1. are we human or we denser??somos humanos o mas densos, NO BAILARINES DENSER NO , DANCER JAAAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJJJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA[] Reply:septiembre 17th, 2012 at 6:46 AMEl cantante aclaró que la letra de la canción era Dancer! no densers! que en inglés significaría somos humanos o somos idiotas? (siendo dansers la palabra) pero dijo que en realidad era dancer, bailarín…[]

    2. Otroligt svårt att inte tolka saker ofta.Vill belysa att det förstås är superskönt med nötta bandtröjor och jeansjacka! Nu för tiden känns det ju dessutom helt moderiktigt? Obs att mina stajlingsförsök ägde rum 1997-2002, smak är som bak, alla ska få va som de vill osv.

  14. Thing is, cricket doesn’t interest me like it did 10 years ago and I hardly watched the last 3 cricket world cups (including this) – I know I would be hated for saying this. But I don’t want to be a buzzkill and as an once diehard fan of the sport I fully understand all the craze that surrounds it.

    But Trina you spoke my mind. I too question whether the over enthusiasm of the masses over winning the world cup is justified. Misdirected energy? Yes, I would say. Diptish has rightly pointed out that people went overboard. The country seems to be on an orgasm. And the media too! Gawd give me a break from the never ending cricket drama on the news channels and everywhere! Seriously, winning a world cup in a sports played by a handful of nations doesn’t drive me wild and crazy!

    Still at the end of the day, we all loved every bit of clinching the world cup. What made me very happy was the joy of all my friends. They were all excited and sending messages and posting updates on FB like crazy. Some called me to share their excitement! So I’m happy as my friends are happy. Even if it doesn’t solve our problems it is surely a moment to swell with pride. A moment of togetherness.

    Our escapist govt is always doing like this. Showering prizes on cricketers who are already over-rich. Providing quotas and incentives for scheduled castes but building no schools in Dalit villages! Wouldn’t have it made more sense to make funds available for future cricketers for building the next world cup team. On another note, what about all the other sports? If we can win a cricket cup, why languish in other arenas of sports. Isn’t a pity that sportsmen from other fields usually never get rewarded at par with cricketers?

    Finally, Cricket is not the new opium for the masses. It always was the opium! I have always felt cricket should not get so much attention like it gets. Now that’s a very unpopular comment I have made. But I’m glad I have a few close friends who share the same sentiment as me. :)

  15. well said trina ! loved the article..!!! i cudnt agree more !!….this is precisely what i felt..when the whole IPL thing came into being !!..disgusting…. !!!!

  16. Love the article …like kavita even i feel the same about IPL …..I call it the ‘INDIAN PAISA LEAGUE ” ……whats more annoying is when BCCI announced that each player would get 1 crore ….even the selectors got some 25 odd lakhs ….

  17. @D: thank you for driving the point home to Hinz/anonymous/etc in my absence.

    @Hinz/anonymous/etc: No, the link was not to make our work seem important. OUr girls are the proof of the work we do. We don’t need anything else. Mentioning Kranti was merely a way to juxtapose the significant with the trivial.

    And you’re right, I dn’t want a coverage of what our girls go through, or what we go through everyday as caretakers, but does that mean that the world/India stay aloof from this looming problem of trafficking (3million girls every fucking year my friend!). So anything that can’t or doesn’t get media coverage, people shouldn’t know about? Shouldn’t care about? Mourn or celebrate.

    @Nipon: High five!

    @Kasturi: What? Even the selectors are getting money? This just keeps getting better! This is like legal corruption.

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    2. And, not to be rude, but I’m not going to reply to any insistence that I watch X or Y or Z show of his. If five years of superfan evangelism has turned me off–let’s just call it a day and keep things pleasant. If you want to write me off forever because of this, that’s how the supercookie crumbles. I am a Whedon fan and I completely agree with all of this, because superfan evangelism in any form can be completely annoying. The more people pester me to watch something or try to argue me out of disliking something, the more determined I am to avoid whatever they are rhapsodizing about.

  18. D

    I have no knowledge of alcohol or of opium. I will leave that to the experts,

    But my point is, the momentary satisfaction, ” be it winning the world cup” or ” the good time of certain some close to me being sober till the brutal evening” i will take that moment with both hands irrespective of whether it comes in a bottle or wrapped in a silver foil

            1. In a homage to the phallic and the feminine, you have left out my favorite Oldenberg,. The lipstick tube inflates and deflates. The piece was stealth installed at Yale in the middle of 1970, during much Vietnam protest (and the base is a ta1kh&#82n1;wit)out the administration knowing. This was also the first year the University was co-ed. Four years later it was permanently acquired by the University, funded by students and professors.

        1. Si infatti, in maggioranza provenienti dai paesi della provincia, vi ricorda qualcosa…? Lo Monaco: «Al Barberamaggioranza ju€i™tena»Lâvna.d. del Palermo sottolinea l’anomalia: «Due terzi dello stadio tiferà Juve»Ecco una cosa che non mi va giù. Fuori da torino con tanti tifosi del luogo a favore e non ci dimentichiamo del set arbitrale!

  19. Nice article Trina! Agree with you on the SMSes doing the rounds and that the prizes doled out to the team after the victory was way too much. About the game and the celebrations, what you have mentioned is one aspect of it. try looking at it from a few other angles you will feel that it is one of the best things that could’ve happened to us as a nation :)

  20. Winning the World Cup was a “good” thing…that is as far as I will go. Its is NOT the best thing it could’ve happened to us. Please explain to me how winning the world cup has been better for us as a nation, in comparison to having a stable economy, a free public health and education system, 0% unemployment. Aren’t these the best things that could happen to us as a nation?

  21. @D..allow me a few questions

    1) Now I’m not comparing India to Ghana here. Ghana has a lot of problems, but if they were to win the football world cup, how long do you think the celebrations would have lasted?

    2) I get the fact that you were really happy for the team and also that you dont like how the media has gone overboard, but other than writing a few follow up comments, what have you done about it?

    3) i think theres something wrong with the way you’ve configured your igoogle mate. i see sehwag, anna hazare, the arab stuff and sai baba on mine

    also i kinda agree with what anuj has said. and trina i dont think any of the people associated with the world cup in india or any of them celebrating the victory are in any way opposed to having a stable economy, a free public health and education system and 0% unemployment.

  22. I disagree with all what you have written!

    India won…! and its a SPORT and the Pride which comes in wining a sport cannot be Compared with ur statements such as …

    “”government started giving ART and DOTS for free in hospitals, were there people bursting crackers? The day the LGBT community stopped being marginalised legally did people fly the Indian flag? The day Kranti ended trafficking of 7 year old girls into the sex trade would a thousand people gather at Lokhandwala circle to congratulate us?….”””


    if u are trying to add all this into sports then trust me then what u are trying to write on the net is useless also as we can compare ur work with the Indian poor students which dont even have books and u writing crapy things on net..!


  23. to add to that.. here’s my cynical two cents

    the government was always incompetent..the education and public health systems were always screwed up and we were 7th in cricket..riddled by match-fixing individual golds in shooting and no significant medals in boxing and Indian had driven a formula 1 can just go on and on..and then we started paying them obscene amount of we have something dont we?

    1. Something is better than nothing, true!

      But boxing, shooting? Not a just comparison I am afraid. (The attention and sponsoring these sports get should be hint enough)

  24. Tinni,
    My comment was first on this blog and hope this wont be the last one .
    Agreeing 101% on your point of view, just a thought came to mind, while reading all the writing camaraderie and diverse points of views of so many people. Some I agree , some i dont. However, this thought from a old school thought …
    like, we are always ( well i have experienced it since childhood in our society) .. ‘The division’ amongst us. Its always the “US” and “THEM”. Be it eastbengal mohanbagan, be it religion, be it national jingoism, be it political beliefs, be it satyajit ray or rwitwick ghatak, be it uttam kumar or soumitro, be it state or centre, be it manmohan or montek, be it uncle sam or savita aunty, be it Holi or Halal, be it mahaashtami or muharram… i can go on and on.. but its always been a “US” & “THEM” syndrome..
    Other than cricket euphoria do we have any other common thread which wipes off this eternal division of ‘US’ & ‘THEM’ amongst us Indians?
    Before writing this i did wrack my grey cells ( whatever left till now) and could not come up with any thread. Please enlighten me GenX people ! Trust me i shall be humbly obliged ( gengap or no gengap) and acknowledge it with grace.
    PS:- They dont have a spell-check here & I am lazy to read the whole thing again. So pardon such mundane stuff please.

  25. @Papa: I agree that Cricket might wipe out the Us and Them divide amongst Indians mometarily. But it creates a new kind of divide. Now Indians are the Us and any other country a Them.

    That’s the thing…in Maharashtra Marathis are “us” and people from UP “them”. You go a little wider and North Indians are “us” and South Indians are “them”. Then comes cricket and Indians are “us” and Pakistanis are “them”. Over the nuclear deal Pakistan and Indians are “us” and USA is “them”. So the point I’m trying to make is that Cricket might wipe out one “us” and “them” divide momentarily, but there are so many more such divides which exist?

  26. @Dexter: In answer to your question “what have you done about it”…the link’s in the article. Now the same question right back at you.
    Yes, the people celebrating the world cup victory (and let me tell you that i have stressed it time and again, that I am one of them too) are not opposed to the inclusive development of the country (I never said that!). What I am saying is that they need to realise that this victory is transient thrill and they shouldn’t let it blind them from trying to strive towards true happiness and really solving our problems.

    @ghost: I am sorry i didn’t understand what you meant here: “if u are trying to add all this into sports then trust me then what u are trying to write on the net is useless also as we can compare ur work with the Indian poor students which dont even have books and u writing crapy things on net..!” you please clarify?
    and a lot of politics goes into sports, it is my no means a clean game. and everyone knows this. let me know if you want me to elaborate. i’m not doing so right now because i think it’s common knowledge.

  27. @trina we all get your point so stop playing spoilsport..even the media has moved on..also my question was directed at D not you..

    @dexter totally agree with you mate

    @papa no gengap got it spot on..couldn’t have agreed more

      1. would have expected better there..i’m assuming you know who the bay harbour butcher is..

        besides i already have around 10 in this thread

  28. @bayharbourbutcher: Are you agreeing with yourself by posting with different names just to make it seem like there are a lot of people who support you? wow…that’s a really innovative way to be lame.
    PS: Thank you for appreciating my father’s opinions.

    @Shruthi: Is this you Rice Plate Reddy?

    1. Just clarifying that I am not “dexter” or any of the alter egos he’s using. Heck I don’t even like the show!

      So, people, don’t get pissed at me, for there are some other trolls out there besides moi!

  29. so what have you done to make a change in this country, that you have come out to bash a harmless celebration of the winning of a WORLD tournament. an achievement of such deserves to be celebrated. You sound like you have never celebrated any occasion (sad in my opinion). those 15 men did not get a big fat paycheck to sit on their asses, they have represented our country in many different ways other than by just playing the game of cricket. however everyone is entitled to their own opinion, all i can say is loosen up, am sure there are more concerned people out there who are actually making a change.

  30. @Anonymous: To answer your question to what I am doing to change the world, let me rub your face in this: (the link’s in the article actually, if you’d bothered to look./click/read)

    Secondly (and I’m going to get vindictive now, coz i’ve said this so many times and ppl are fuckin’ blind/retarded to be seeing it)- “You sound like you have never celebrated…” I have said in the article and a million times in the comments section that I enjoy watching and celebrating cricket, my problem is going overboard in it (READ COMMENTS! READ ARTICLE! COMPREHEND IT!)

    “Harmless celebration”: My whole point is that the celebrations are not harmless, because the money/attention going towards it is taking away from the resources that could go towards developing our country, and therefore, harmful.

  31. turns out your just a fucking hypocrite than if you did manage to get your sorry ass out to celebrate the win that night, yet still managed to come back and race your fingers to produce a piece like this. in the future if there are any occasions to be celebrated such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc, all the people that disagree with your words better expect you to be donating a big fat check out each time, to help improve the resources needed to develop our country. cricket is not even the most widely watched sport, wonder what you would have thought if per say the Ivory Coast or any of the other under developed nation participant had won the FIFA world cup last year, wow a night of celebration could have really stopped their development…
    oh and good job, i guess thats the reply you were hoping for by “rubbing” that link in my face.

    1. You are missing the point. It is okay to celebrate. Success in sports sure brings us pride. This article is just a grim reminder that we must show equal enthusiasm in other spheres of life which demand our crying attention. If only we did, there could be more reasons to rejoice about. :)

  32. Haha! Grapes are Sore, Very sore indeed.
    3na if you were getting all this you would have taken it all and asked for more.

    You are here cribbing and whining about a few good men who have taken us to Victory after 28 years. Do you even know what that means? These men have worked hard, played a game and won. We see no harm in them getting all this.
    These guys have really trained hard and beaten every other team. That is some kind of an achievement that every Indian is proud of.

    What about the CWG scam? Which is estimated to be around 8,000 Crs! Or anything about tax payers money going into the wrong hands ? or the billions and billions spend on projects that never see the light of day ? what about the babus who show their income to be only 10,000Rs but still drives around in a Merc or bmw and live in villas ?
    Why target our cricket players who have done something great for a change?
    I didn’t see your post about any of this? 8,000 Crs! tredmills hired for 9.75 lakh each!
    And here we have you whining about our cricket team getting small pocket change ?
    These men have deserve every bit of it. Whatever these players are getting is 100% legal.

    If it were a bunch of women who played this world cup and won 3na would have sung praises and songs for them or maybe even written them a poem..
    Wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a blog by you asking for more.
    I agree with mr Anonymous here you are nothing but a lousy 2bit hypocrite..

    So back to my question why target our cricket team when there are bigger leeches around? Is it because our cricket team is a soft target?

    1. Thanks for sharing this link, but unfortunately it seems to be offline… Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please reply to my post if you do!I would appreciate if a staff member here at an.prseeciies.blogspotgcom could post it.Thanks,Harry

    2. Rendben, itt nem szállok vitába veled erről. Majd megbeszéljük élőben.Azonban ezt a véleményemet nem rosszindulatból fogalmaztam, hanem meggyőződésből.Hanna nem sci-fi író, az említett könyve fércmunka.Azonban ízlésen nem lehet vitatkozni, ezért nem folytatom.Laura

  33. @Deb, love you sis..couldn’t have agreed more..trina seriously why haven’t you ever written about any of the scams?

    @Nipon no point talking to you’re small fry man..I doubt if you even have an opinion of your own? Have only ever seen you agree to anything that trina writes

  34. I’m pretty sure Debrah Morgan and Dexter are the same person and he’s just posting under different names to look like you are gaining support.
    God…I’m tired. Anyway…You haven’t read any of my articles against the scams. Doesn’t mean I haven’t written any or haven’t spoken about/discussed them.
    I agree that cricket players have worked hard to win the world cup. But my point is that our hockey players work just as hard, a thhela gadi wala works just as hard, so why not equal rewards?
    If the women’s team had won the world cup, I would’ve reacted the same way…celebrated it, but criticised going overboard with the celebrations.

    and nipon is not agreeing with everything i say. he and i disagree about a lot of things. his comments here are just his attempt to explain to you what I and other people on this thread mean, because you don’t seem to understand and say the same things again and again.

  35. My mother said something to me today which made a lot of sense. She said that if everyone just read my article and agreed to me, and no one challenged my opinions then I would be one of those Sadhu Babas on Astha channel. And I don’t to be one of them. The purpose of my article was to spark debate and the 65 comments on this post are proof of my success.

    So I’m going to sign off from commenting here further. Everyone else please feel free to keep the debate alive.

  36. For the first time I have read the most logical criticism of cricket in a cricket frenzy nation like India. I wonder what have our government or for that matter we have done to felicitate the Indian army after they won us the Kargil war. How many of us remember the martyrs who laid their lives in the Mumbai Terror attack ? Very few, and that too when we are being recalled of them by a footer running in the news channel sometimes. Isnt it a pity?