World Cup Drama Continues in Spain-Paraguay Match

Nipon Haque

Like the other quarterfinals of this World Cup, the Spain – Paraguay clash was in no way short of drama! With both teams unable to convert opportunities into goals, things turned interesting in the 57th minute when Cardozo was pulled down by Pique. What a relief it was for the Spanish when Casillas found Cardozo’s hard-hit penalty-kick at a comfortable height and held on to the ball! More drama was in store as David Villa was pulled down at the other end the very next minute and Alonso made no mistake in netting the ball with an emphatic penalty shoot but the referee would have none of it and ordered a re-take as several Spaniards were encroaching! Alonso’s second attempt was however blocked by Villar!

Three penalties and still no goal, it continued like that till Spain scored a winner in the 85th minute, which went in with much reluctance – Pedro’s strike came off the left post and Villar fired a rebound only to find the ball hit the right post, trudge along the goal line and hit the other post before finally going in!

The retake, the two saves and the goal of three posts just took the World Cup 2010 drama to new heights!

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"World Cup Drama Continues in Spain-Paraguay Match" by @bongbuzz