PODCAST: Save our Doctors!

Pranab Chatterjee

I had made this podcast after an episode of public mob fury hitting the doctors working in the ER in Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata. I have posted it on my blog and on Youtube.com, but I think, there needs to be a wider dissemination of this message so that more people actually get to know the plight we are in.

Save our Doctors

Consider this a reply to the one sided view of the situation that is portrayed in the public eye by the popular media.

You don’t have to agree or disagree with me on this, but this is the truth of the situation. Hope it improves soon, though!

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"PODCAST: Save our Doctors!" by @bongbuzz



  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I don’t know about the other states but as far as WB is concerned, the very practice of ransacking hospitals and assaulting doctors only reflects the how sad the state of affairs are in this state! Thanks to three decades of Commie rule that have championed mediocrity in all spheres of the society!

    Only recently in North Bengal Medical College, a newborn with umbilical sepsis and consequent septicaemia was admitted in the hospital. The baby died and all hell broke loose. Hooligans came armed and at night they assaulted one of our very favourite professors who is a clinician par excellence, surely one of our idols, a great teacher and a dedicated doctor! While I empathise with the grieving relatives, there is no point in beating up doctors regardless of whoever is at fault. That is no solution and totally barbaric! Shall I say that the general masses are too primitive? Even more painful was to read the newspapers the following day! The media totally downplayed the assault story and brewed up a sensational story of negligence and we got to read what was only the half-truth.

    Last year, there was another death of a baby despite best efforts and a mob of 200 people who entered our college campus in trucks carried out a mayhem in the Paediatrics department destroying whatever fell in their way. They also managed to ransack the ObGyn department which fell on the way. In Paediatrics they badly beat up housestaff doctors 2 of whom were ladies.

    If there has been any negligence it is due to a total administrative failure! I mean why blame doctors if rats are eating up babies in the nursery! If the technicians at Pathology and Biochemistry refuse to take up test samples beyond a few hours of the day stipulated by their wish how can the doctors back up the diagnosis of so many patients in a govt hospital like ours!

    When a doctor is assaulted and prevented from doing his duty, this automatically sends several other patients admitted under him at peril in govt hospitals which are understaffed anyway!

    1. Eloquently said. Little I can add to that. The situation is just like that all across the state… And before we go on commie hating, I will say that irrespective of whatever party is in power, this will happen…

      And oh, just a factoid: the incident which incited me to make this podcast was allegedly cooked up by TMC people. Say what?

      1. Here too TMC-backed hooligans came attacking in the latest mob fury episode! And it all boiled down to a CPM-TMC tussle with our voices finding hardly any listeners. So will have to agree with you that this is not just a commie thing. Whoever comes to the power, you are right, this will happen!

        But what I feel is this very culture of vandalism, which now has deep roots in the society, is a direct offshoot of the three decades of partisan rule!

  2. Nippon state of government hospital is pathetic and there is no doubt about it.
    My mothers doc for sugar (pardon i dont know the term) is a senior at sskm.
    we obviously consult him at his private clinic.
    a calibration was required of my mothers accu check.
    so invited to pg.
    a long queue of 20 ppl in front of us in a broken alleway full of rubbish leading to a squeaky door where junior doctors are treating patients.
    i managed to ask an old nurse who can hardly move or hear abt our own private doc.
    message was passed through the ranks.
    suddenly all the queue in front vanished and we were cordoned off directly to the boss ahead of 20 in queue 5 in junior doctors chamber, treated with chai.
    money buys and we can buy these doctors at their private clinics but god save those who cant.

    1. In any hospital which is attached to a medical college, junior doctors do see patients. Nothing wrong in it. And if you want less long queues tell the government to add more outpatient departments in hospitals.

      1. My problem was not about the queue but how i was able to bypass all those infront of us bcz of being a patient of the hod in his private clinic.

        1. Right. Let the administration eliminate the queue in the first place and then ‘your’ problem doesn’t exist.

          Also, before I at all go into pondering over whether your physician was right or wrong, I can tell you one thing. When the ‘kakima’, who cooks for 7 of us, (or her daughter) falls sick, who is a poor woman anyway, and a thorough checkup is deemed necessary, there are no queues for her in the hospital. Getting to know a doctor does help in a crowded hospital scenario.

          The point to ponder is actually why there should not be more outpatient clinics in the govt. hospitals and why not more beds?

  3. @ AM… agree with PC… godliness like cleanliness begins at home
    @ all.. TMC formula is shw docs r bad and prove the govt is bad too.. its easy to incite some1 in grief… its just taking advtg of a weak moment of the patient party… am sur if the tables turn… the red will follow the same formula… docs will get beaten up any case..

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