REVIEW: Ranjana Ami Ar Ashbo Na


Rating: ★½☆☆☆

Craaaaasssh! That’s the sound Ranjana Ami Ar Ashbo Na has made in my heart after I went to watch it with post-Byomkesh inflated expectations from an Anjan Dutt movie…and that did hurt!

Yes the new Anjan Dutt movie did hurt…it hurt my expectations, it hurt my enthusiam for an Anjan Dutt movie, it hurt my craving for a good inspiring/ fun storyline, it hurt my perception of rock music and its evolution and its current position in the great state of West Bengal and lastly it hurt my pocket…the movie was not worth the bucks and the air-conditioning just couldn’t make up for it.

Ranjana is a film woven with a pathetic storyline (sic, read no storyline), some superbly bad acting (well one could plainly see that the characters are not quite real) and many and repetitive cult cliches.

While watching the film I felt supremely bored because there was nothing new, no twists or surprises in the story and to add to the boredom the storytelling was snail-paced filled with unnecessary repetitions and details. The film, I felt, lost itself and the audience somehow while tackling so many sub-plots (read Stanley Bose, Abani’s wife and the wine-glass episode, the repeated collapses of Abani, etc to name a few). And it is the sub-plots that made the film aantel (pseudo-intellectual) to some extent. And at the end of it, all I felt was relief and couldn’t muster the courage to decipher what the film tried to say.

Anjan Dutt’s lone credit lies in the fact that he tried to mask all the loopholes and boredom in his plot by streaming in his long time buddies from the Kolkata music scene…the amazing Amyt Datta, the goofy and hilarious Nondon Bagchi and the hip-pie Lew Hilt and voila! it kind of worked as well…everyone that i talked to about the film had only one thing to say…that the foursome looked rocking on screen and all, me included, went gaga over the mighty screen presence and the ‘rock harder’ attitude of guitarist Amyt Dutta. Anjan Dutt also managed to cast his one time rival turned friend Kabir Suman in the film, though quite unnecessarily.

The songs are good, like always, in an Anjan Dutt film with special mention to the remixed Rabindrasangeet Jagorone jae bibhabori. I simply loved the tune of the song (better than Pagla haowae of Bong Connection) and its lively, colourful potrayal in the film.

The only notable performances in the film are by Kanchan ‘Alvis’ Mullick, Abir ‘Byomkesh’ Chatterjee and the three musketeers Amyt ‘Cowboy’ Datta, Nondon ‘Narcotics’ Bagchi and Lew ‘Hippie’ Hilt  and also Parno ‘Ranjana’ Mittra to some extent considering she is a newcomer.

The only message from the film is that in the bangla band culture female singers are few and far between and we really need more Ranjanas.

And ohh, the way Anjan Dutt was hinting all throughout the film, I think we can expect a great Byomkesh film from him and fast, and fast he has to be if we are to forgive him for the craaassssh…

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  1. Very well-articulated criticism of an out and out pathetic venture! Perhaps it’s time Anjan Dutta comes out of the circle of cliches with a fresh and a path-breaker script. Otherwise, sticking to Byomkesh ( Read Saradindu) will augur well for him, both in terms of box-office and critics!

  2. Could not agree more! Give it a break Anjan Dutt! We have had enough of your cliches :-/ And please stop making characters who keep PREACHING throughout the movie. Sigh!

  3. Hi Allah! what a trash! one of my friend told me ASSS was the fantastic film. Though I m not huge fan of Anjan but watched the film and felt really so pathetic. Now I guess not to watch anything which is suggested by friends!!! Why did Anjan think that audience has no idea about Bengal rock graph… its a most boring film that i ever saw. However I have no any expectation from Anjan Dutta…

  4. CaThrnemea! Morgen! Jeetje! Ik weet niet zo goed wat je iemand moet wensen die voor onbepaalde tijd naar ver vertrekt. Je bent in ieder geval heel lief en je schrijft geweldig, blijf dat zijn en doen de komende tijd. Goeie reis! (wens ik je toch nog iets :)XCarmen

  5. Well, I don’t know about the Swiss Germans, but if L’Hebdo is any indication the Swiss French love him. Also, what is with that ad with the crows? What are they even talking about, hasn’t the Schengen agreement long ago passed? I also wonder if this is the same measure, that in this part of the country I see all the ads talking about joining with others and growing together (they show two fruit trees being grafted together and bearing more fruit).