Raichak Long Drive-Part 1:The Preparation

Tamali Barman

On a certain Friday in April 2011 I was standing, rather getting roasted under the scorching sun’s rays in a certain bus-stop when Aniruddha Mittra aka Ching, The Voyager in my Gang, called up. ‘Shon T ei Sunday free rakhis, Baba ke bole gari ta arrange korchi, amra long drive e berobo for the whole day’. It sounded like raindrops on a hot summer day. I felt like ‘Hurray!’ But immediately remembered the big scary exams knocking at my door, giving me nightmares every night, not leaving any stones unturned to make my days like I am living in hell! Phew!

Squeezed between being a true dedicated articled-assistant to my know-it-all boss (he is a good boss but…) and self studying those never-ending eight interesting yet brain-whacking subjects to crack the C.A finals, a sudden plan for a day outing with my closest pals seemed irresistible!! I replied in a timid sad voice ‘Chesta korchi Ching’ and he said ‘Jodi na jas toke fele rekhe chole jabo ar nahole toke tor bari theke tule taante taante niye jabo!!’ God! As if punishing me for not giving him a positive response! His second punishment sounded sweeter, however if he ever thought of carrying out his first punishment I would have stabbed him for sure without having any mercy for his girlfriend Amrita Guha Roy aka Amri, a Sports Magazine Editor.

The Yummy Chocolate Fantasy

The usual CCD meet and/or JUST BAKED meet was planned on the next day, ie, Saturday evening. A Saturday evening adda is inevitable when all of ours really great friend Nipon Haque aka Nic (only I call him Nic, nobody else seems to like this name), the founder of Bong Buzz, is in Kolkata! These addas usually revolve around interesting discussions, terrific debates, leg pulling, photo clicking accompanied by yummy food and drinks! Thus on that evening we met at Lake Road CCD and the topic of discussion was the long drive where Ching informed that we will be driving to Raichak in his Dad’s Bolero and that we will be starting at around 11 AM. We decided to have lunch in some restaurant at Raichak and return in the evening. Thus it was decided the five of us Ching, Amri, Nic, Me & Rajarshi Guha Roy aka Hagz, The Witty Spokesperson of our gang and of course our very good friend will be heading for the much talked about long-drive. We decided to meet in front of South City Mall the following day and Nic and Hags were to buy The Drinks and some snacks. I was still in a hesitation mode like the previous day! Amri threatened – ‘T if you do not go tomorrow, I will never talk to you again!’ Oh God! Did anyone care how much I wanted to go and have fun? Ching & Amri! A ‘terrorizing couple’ I must say! Phew!

Plans finalised over Cappuccino & Chocolate Fantasy

I returned home from the ‘adda session’ excited and full of energy to arrange for the next day. I asked my dad, ‘Papa which is the best camera you have?’ My dad loves clicking photos and owns three cameras and he is quite possessive of them. He was reluctant to hand me over his favourite most but I assured him of no harm. I called up Amartya Ghosh aka Amz, The Automobile Lover and my confidant, to tell him about ‘the plan’ and I almost jumped. He was glad to hear it and encouraged me to go out and have fun and make up for the studies later during the weekdays by returning early from office whenever possible. Before going to bed Amz called and said he would miss the plan and us. He could not join as he is presently at Nashik for his job. I knew how much he would have enjoyed had he been able to join us.

In the usual late night group chats Subhodip aka Sub, our sweet buddy and Chandradeep, The Mad Doctor, complained for not being able to join in the plan and we showered them with our ‘will be missing you’ sentences. I had been so tired that day – first office, then Saturday evening adda, then late night group chat, I badly needed a sound sleep to have a happy mood the next day. Less sleep makes my mood whimsical and I end up fighting with people so I asked Nic to wake me up the next day but not before 9.30 in the morning.

I must have been dreaming! I don’t know what happened but my phone started ringing at 9 AM sharp on the very Sunday, it was Ching calling and before I even said a hello it was his excited voice shouting ‘Ekkhuni  ghum theke oth ekhuni ready hoe bero‘. God! He shouted like I have committed a crime! I was wide awake by then because of his shouting and all and I suddenly realized Nic must have spilled the beans about my plan of not waking up before 9.30 AM! Now nothing could be done, I was awake and feeling sleepy and in a bad mood. Whatever hurriedly I took bath, had breakfast and off I went out of the house bidding good-bye to my books for the day and wishing nice day to Mommy and Papa to have a fun-filled day out with friends. A ‘good morning and a happy trip’ sms from Amz lightened my mood and the sun and the wind seemed to welcome me for a day outing in their company.

Now, for the ‘real excitement’ keep reading, will soon be back with the sequel of my outing with my ‘best buddies’!!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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"Raichak Long Drive-Part 1:The Preparation" by @bongbuzz



  1. All this happened only 2 months ago but already fading from my mind! Good that you brought the memories back alive.

    It was real fun! The planning and all :D

    Will watch out for part 2 with bated breath!