The Pussycat Dolls – Jai Ho!

Nipon Haque

The English remix of the Oscar-winning ‘Jai Ho’ soundtrack from the Pussycat Dolls featuring A. R. Rahaman. The video is great with sexy songstress Nicole looking oh-so-Indian in her desi attire, complete with accessories. The music itself is groovy enough to set you foot-tapping.

(To watch the video in high quality, click on HQ)

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"The Pussycat Dolls – Jai Ho!" by @bongbuzz



  1. when you meant nicole is looking ‘oh-so-indian’ in her ‘desi attire’ you were kidding right??? saw the vid just today and thought that she could have kept the indian desi style normal but naah she went over the top and the result a fashion faux pas…m definite that she’s been charged of assaulting indian fashion by the fashion police and subsequently can sing no more…so good riddance to her shilpa shetty type washboard ab show!

  2. hey…i agree with nipon there…the song grows on u rt from the first time itself..nicole is looking great…and if i may add (though this may be coz of my bias against frieda pinto), she would have potrayed the role of latika loads better, had she been an actress..there’s this certain zing to her sex-iness that would have brought forward the pathos of latika’s character which miss pinto absolutely failed to do with her upturned nose and emotionless acting!

  3. Why do u have something against pinto? I thought she was great. SHe was subtle and gorgeous.
    ANd yes, Chandradeep I agree with u…the bindi is so out of place on tht face. but the abs are hot…i thought guys wud agree.