No P’s, no IP’s only VIP’s

Amartya Ghosh

Many of you must be thinking why this man is upto writing such a post in a bloomy Sunday evening not struck by the forecasted Aila? And afterall what is it all about? Well it’s nothing but my outburst, considering all a number of intolerable cases I have been facing in recent days happening to me, in neighbourhood, in roads in hospitals in ticket counters in auto rickshaws, in buses, shops, medical stores, theatres, temples, hotels, in day, at night and so on. Actually the count would have begun long back, but my thought process never used to push me so hard. And through this outburst of mine, i don’t want a sympathy or a protest, a mass appeal etc. I know that there are thousands like me who face the same day to day problems in and out, and they also feel disgusted and in a way feel like banging their heads with the walls and shout ‘why am I no a VIP, but an Indian?’

Directly I want nothing, but indirectly I would like my co citizens, my countrymen to think:  is it not better to be a VIP in India, anyways and anyhow than to be a normal common man to thrive in a better way? Is not a highly educated and well to do man with maybe fifty-sixty grands salary less secured and less benefited than a so called VIP, in whichever segment maybe, who has a much less qualification, dignity and potential to offer?

Let me share some instances with you which may make the adrenaline run faster in you.

Case1:  Go to any temple in any part of the country(no hard feelings regarding temple or mosque or church, I’m just sharing my experiences); there’s a long queue you will find and you will find a fraction of a second to touch the holy Idol after waiting for four to five hours, that to getting pushed like an ill fated sheep in a flock with hundred percent risk of getting stampede. And if the occasion is like Rath yatra or Kumbh mela it’s better you better pray to your almighty beforehand so that you may return home safely.

Case2: Go to any hospital, specifically the government one’s as private hospitals are not meant for common man, you will be made follow a number of steps which will make you feel you are important, but the very next moment the assured thought which will come to you is, ‘Alas! I’m undone’. Considering a normal appointment with a doctor and not an emergency or a surgery, first go and make a card for yourself  and WAIT, doctor calls you after two hours as he is the only doctor on floor tackling some fifty patients, then get his consultation and again WAIT, this time some tests are needed to be done. Again an occasion of waiting comes when you are going to get the reports of tests. total waiting time increases exponentially to around seven hours. Then again doctor calls you to give you judgement and ask you to WAIT to make you meet a senior doctor to get his valuable words on your test reports. At this point you will feel that you are a guineapig. And after waiting for some long ten hours you will get a very whole hearted welcome from them; they will ask you to get admitted for better observation and surely no senior doctor will ever come to meet you. After all it’s a business. But had you been a VIP; just go in, get yourself checked and come out, the press will follow you.

Case3: In auto rickshaw, you will feel yourself to be the person with least due respect as anytime the auto rickshaw may ask for any amount for your journey, he may assault you using slang, he may ask you to take another auto rickshaw anytime in the middle of the road,  he may drive it as rash as possible and you have to be the silent listener as they have something called union and you don’t.

Continuing likewise many such day to day cases will come up and at the end of the day one will get nothing but FRUSTRATED. So that’s what I was trying to ask, will things go on like this? Are these happening to me, to Ram, to Madhu, to Peter to Azhar and every next door guy and will continue the same way?

With a population of a hundred and twenty crores will the ten to twenty percent VIP’s get all the privileges or better to say avail the rights and rest remain neglected? It’s time to think and get oneself a position where he is privileged, else he will remain in the nowhere zone as the rest if Indians.

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"No P’s, no IP’s only VIP’s" by @bongbuzz



  1. good one amartya… i’m sure u echo the feelings of most readers.
    But just one tiny thing…about hte auto-drivers…maybe i’m a little biased towards them coz i’ve done some work with auto-driver unions and all. the story looks very different from there side… living on the edge of poverty, in slums that have no health, no education, no basic neccessities, no toilets. imagine their frustration, their desperation to make money. I mean what is rs. 20 to us? but it’s a lot to them.

    but of course that’s not the issue ur addressing in this article…i agree to wut u say about VIPs getting all the benefits. it’s against the concept of a welfare state.

  2. yes, my point of view is not targeted to a group, but to those who are enjoying undue advantages without a reason
    Yes i agree that social strata etc is prevalent and must be there, still….