New Kid on the Blog!

Pranab Chatterjee

Putting a face to the name, yo! Hello!

I am the newest member on the Bongbuzz Blog. So, I thought it was only fair that I started with an introduction of myself! Now, although we all have been doing this since we were in class I, or even earlier, in some cases, I still find it an intimidating task to go about writing the “About me” section on my blog(s), or social networking profiles, or whatever. What issues to talk about, what to suppress, what to highlight, what to gloss over diplomatically: all of these have remained an unsolved mystery to me.

So, for this blog, I decided to keep it simple.

I am a recently graduated doctor, so, that says a bunch of things about me. And the fact that I uploaded a pic of me holding my Grad scroll, and looking glum and happy also supports the above claim. It also goes to show that I am a Narcissist.

I love blogging (why else would I be here?) but hate trolls and usually club them in with spammers. They need to get a life and move on (get the subtle hint on being nice in the comments, eh?). I have a thing for texting and hence end up texting my mom when she is in the other room, just across a hall way to say minor stuff. My mom thinks its creepy to text when a holler would have done but I am not to be dissuaded. I love to tweet. So much so that, it was starting to hamper my working stuff. So, I decided to go off twitter and deactivated my account. Not long after that, I managed to find my way back into the twitterverse. Now I can be found tweeting with gusto @_pranab. The same happened to my blog as well. I call it RXTar (It is supposed to be pronounced as ROCKStar. I know, wannabe, but, wth?) and it can be found HERE. Now the Bongbuzzers must be pissed because they think that I am promoting my blog, but I am absolutely not… not yet, anyways. I think a person’s blog as a whole gives a deep insight into the person’s nature as well. That is why I try to make my personal blog sound to chilled and relaxed. NO WAIT.  I am a chilled and relaxed person. In fact!

I work as a House Physician in the Critical Care Unit under the Department of Anesthesia of Medical College and Hospital, my alma mater. I love working there. Everyday is a learning curve and I get to know so much, work so much, learn so much. But I am a little frustrated because none of that knowledge is translating into a PG seat. I mean, what is the purpose of learning meaningful medicine which will help me in real life when the actual reality of the issue is to break through the barriers of PG entrance exams anyhow.

Well, that last statement exhibits desperation as well. I am a desperate man, too. A chilled out, relaxed man desperate for a PG break.

When it comes to wen geekery, I am all things Google. Except Orkut. That plain sucks. Worse than Google Wave, in my opinion. Google should burn it, bury it and deny that they ever had it. I am more on the Facebook train! Catch me there!

Its my first foray into the world of group blogging. So let me know what you wanna hear from me… leave me a mail at my home ID: pranab [at] pranab [dot] in.

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"New Kid on the Blog!" by @bongbuzz



  1. Hello and welcome!!!

    That’s a cracker of an intro post! :D

    Looking forward to more stuff from you man.

    Btw, we are perfectly at ease with you mentioning your blog and I gotta agree with you on Orkut – it sucks big time… eww!