Letter to a Daughter

Trina Talukdar

Just read your blog.
Gawd ! Is this the 21st century definition of gengap? I wonder how many mothers share their teenage romantic melting moments with their adult daughter these days!! Tinni, after reading this on bongbuzz I dint know how to react really. Should I feel mad at your mother for sharing such private things between a husband & wife? Should I laugh it off ? Should I have a ego-trip thinking that I am actually a Tagore-who-never-made-it? Should I have a blush-blush thingy with a sheepish smile even at this age? Naah. I dint do any of those. First I tried to call your mother rehearsing the dialogue, “Et tu Brute!” etc . As usual it kept on ringing. Its common, either she left it in her drawer or she  forgot totally that she owns a cell phone . When I could not off load my momentary steam on your mother I called you.
I am not going into the convo between you & I as you heard me,loud & clear :)
But after talking to you thought I can fill-in-the-blanks for your blog some how. Like… “what happened on the deck of Nile cruise on Ashtami night in Egypt”…….

It was a cool hevaenly evening on the Nile. We were on the top deck. This cruise is basically a hotel on the move on Nile. two restaurants, Bar, a discotheque, swimming pool a mini gym…. the works!! I just finished a beer and was trying to gauge Moni’s mood and at what degree she will get pissed off if I want to have another before we go for the dinner buffet or if I can have a secret ciggi taking the bahana to go down for loo.

Me:- “This blue kurta suits you.. is it Tinni’s? Gorgeous.. looks much younger”..
Moni:- “Have you noticed your bhunri?…. a real fat guy you are now ! Not a single day you can skip gym after we return”.
Me:- ” Arre this is age really .. not fat. I am healthy .. thats it”.
Moni:- ” aa haa double chin.. double tyred midriff jodi healthy hoy, ar ki bolbo! Beer before lunch, beer before dinner ufff ! ”
Me:- ” Jano.. today is Ashtami, imagine so much happening in Kolkata and here its so calm, nobody knows, just another night in Egypt”
Moni:- ” Hmmm but this is experience of a life time, we have not been just-us for a long long time. Missing Tinni so much !”
Me:- ” Couldnt she bunk her college these few days? Koto kore bollam tomake”.
Moni:- [ she looking for some thing in her purse] ” Naah mone hoy she wont enjoy it anymore holidaying with parents , 21 year old woman after all she is now”.
Me:- ” Let me have one more beer “. [ I tried to say that in a matter of fact way, also tried to put it as a conclusion as if I am not waiting for her approval, and looking for the waiter around]
Moni:- [ Puts back whatever she was taking out from her purse] ” Lojja kore na?? Just now you had one. Had another before lunch too!”

“Gawt-Gawt” and “Hoomdo” are two typical bong expression I use under such circumstances even after spending a quarter century of married life [ add another 7 years of pre-marital courtship to that!]  with my wife. “Gawt-Gawt” is a typical way of walking away from her literally stomping your feet on the floor and “Hoomdo” is a facial expression to let the world know that I am mad [ though I am told many times by Moni that with such a face I look worse than a pig ! But she says that much later after we make up the fight] So, I walked away from my deck chair in “gawt-Gawt” way with my best “Hoomdo” face towards the railing and stood there. If I had eyes on the back of my head I would have tried to see the effect. I decided this time I will give her three mintues lead time and then draw the first blood with my choicest fail-safe line, ” I wont have dinner !”. Always, almost always its a battle of nerves , who succumbs first. But sigh !! nine out of ten its me who gives in first:(
One mint gone.
Two mints gone. I dont find any movement behind me. Should I increase the lead time to five?
Two and half. Dhaaat.. dont think I can have the second beer tonight.
Suddenly I heard a rustle of feet and clothes behind me. Oh did I win it this time?

…” Can you recognize this?”.. Moni, extends a small red diary towards me.
Me:- ” Eta ki?” [ I am thinking what trick she is up her sleeve this time!]
Moni:- ” see na.. open it “.
I quietly opened the small red  worn out diary.

… and like they say , “Rest  was history!”. Rest of the night and rest of our holiday was history too :)
[ Pun intended as in any case Egypt IS history and only history. I describe Egypt to all that it has everything in B.C. only and nothing in A.D. !!]

Tinni I am sorry I wont and cant fill in the blanks from this point onwards. Gengap or no gengap this is abso private and personal between your Papa & Mama. All I can say is that night I DID have my second beer, a smoke too and we did not fight !!

Love you

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"Letter to a Daughter" by @bongbuzz