Katy Perry Embarasses High School Crush

Pranab Chatterjee

Now, I have had this crush on Katy Perry going on for quite a while, anyone on my Facebook friends list knows that (I keep incessantly tweeting or ranting about it!). Anyways. At her High School homecoming program, Ms Perry strapped on a guitar and enthralled the audience with her songs.

Cutie Perry

And expect Ms Perry to do the unexpected: she spotted her high school crush Shane Lopes in the crowd and pulled his legs right out under him. She pointed him out and said how she had a crush on him, but he, the most popular kid in school never gave her any attention and was always after Amanda Wayne.She then dedicated either Ur so Gay or One of the Boys to him.

Guess being a celebrity comes with the added perk of being able to settle old scores like this but then again, what kinda human being would not have a crush on Katy? *swoons*

And for your enjoyment. YOU’R SOOOOOOOOOOOO GAY! (The song, I mean!)



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"Katy Perry Embarasses High School Crush" by @bongbuzz