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Anurima Chanda

Alas! Before I have the time myself to pen down my immense love for my sweetest sweetheart, The Telegraph ruins it all, and makes mine just a continual rejoinder. Nevertheless, let me just assure my fellow readers that I was thinking about a way to celebrate my love for Him for a long time now, and the event of watching his Finding Neverland for the umpteenth time recently finally rolls the ball in the canon and fires a loud bang-really glorious at that, and that The Telegraph has nothing to do with this bongocentric-outburst of prem-bhalobasha-unmadona. Yes, I am talking about the hail and mighty Johnny Depp, and this is just a celebration of Depp-ness!!

Johny Depp That weird coagulated human pieces with scissors for hand, had me going ga-ga about some years ago, and I was unsure as to what was that tinkling sensation at the pit of my stomach at encountering this so-not-possible entity, overshadowing my TV-screen. Edward Scissorhands introduced me to His world and I was more than overwhelmed to be a part of that web of mysticity that has been surrounding his presence with a halo that seems extremely enticing. This new face, with much lesser known credentials; and a techno-cap trying to find out other pathways to reach that god-like dream weaver. That was the beginning of my Depp-ian pursuit. Today I stand, proud to call myself one of his ardent fans ever, and given the release of his recent Public Enemies, I take this opportunity to rant and rave about how much I love Him. (Com’on this Depp-sity is very much on cards: I have given the reason for such outburst in the previous line itself.)

Before having immortalised his image as the oh-so-dirtily-sexy Jack Sparrow, he has dazed hearts with his gulpy-knight-in-shining-armour in the Sleepy Hollow. Where The Ninth Gate and The Secret Window have blazed screens with lit up furnaces and fiery-warmth, Chocolate has brought back our pirate back to the shore. Blow got me brain racking with the seriousness that this actor was capable of flooring, as did the ‘fantasy’ Chocolate Factory turning seriously real for the red-seat occupants. I wonder where he stores that casual sexiness while fantasizing reality and authenticating fantasies. While What’s Eating Gilbert Guber bowled down the ordinary elderly-brother image with extraordinary finesse, this dark eyed superhero replaced my Eliot-ian mental image of Sweeney Todd. Howsomuchever I write about him, it seems less. For me he has remained that inexplicable Peter Pan image who has painted dream sequences on real life canvases and had me swooning over his casual good-looks at anywhich character that he has played. I find just one word to describe this ‘Just An Actor’: MAGIC!

Before you all exempt me for contributing any further to this bongocentric technocratic world at filling your pages with such nonsensical love confessions, let me just take this one chance in the concluding section, to defend my overpowering love for Depp: because more than anything else, Depp seems to have given visual place to my imagination of our very own Thakumar Jhuli, and I just wanted to share that magic on our pages of Bangali-ana-on-electronic-media!! Cheers: as the magic continues!

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"Depp Buzz" by @bongbuzz



  1. Wow! After reading this, I watched a handful of Depp-starrers. Now I know what I was missing!! This post was an eye-opener… I have collected all the Depp movies :D He is amazing! He is the chameleon of Hollywood.

    After watching Pirates.. I started behaving like Jack Sparrow for 3 days in a row… till my friends got tired of me!! :D

  2. ya u r rite……johny depp is johnny depp ny given day of da year.
    he can cook up something different even in da most mundane of his characters………
    my 1st johnny depp movie was the legend of da sleepy hollow….n i was practically bowled over by his boyish looks dere……….n in pirates… mind practucally went haywire madly swinging between da angry young ill fated handsome will turner n da impeccably portrayed whimsical nonpredictable n lovably mad captain jack sparrow…………. n i cud kill kiera nightly any given day for tying him up like dat on da ship……………good one……i just wish i hadnt read it just b4 da xms…………i will keep thinking abt him u know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!