Is The Computer Personal Enough?

Nipon Haque

When I first came to join my classes at NBMC, those early days far from the madding crowd seemed like hell. It was then I started writing a diary. The enthusiasm soon died away. Later on in 2nd year, I got my laptop that became my favoured daily companion and now it was the diary’s turn to gather dust. It has been ages since I last filled its pages. I wonder why I didn’t. Two reasons actually. One, I was too lazy to write. More importantly, I was jotting down the memorable events in my laptop instead, the diary taking a backseat.

Only recently, I resumed filling up its pages once again. Well I have read Robin Sharma recently (only 30 pages and no more!). In Who Will Cry When You Die he reminds us the benefits of maintaining a personal diary. The other motivating factor was stumbling upon the old diary one fine day while I was trying to fish out some old notes of yesteryear. And turning through the pages was like revisiting the past!

While I do realise the benefits of diary-writing, I still don’t know which one is better – writing in your diary with a real pen, or typing it away on your keyboard. Sometimes I seem to prefer the diary and tend to believe it is more personal than the computer. At other times though, typing seems the easier way. Writing with a pen and paper takes more effort it seems to me. But then it is the paper where you can pour your heart in a more candid way.

Nothing can be more intriguing if your diary falls into wrong hands. Word files stored within the safety of Windows password seem to be a better option when it comes to privacy. But then there is the fear of data loss. The guy who fixes your computer types format:c and all your precious entries are lost in a blink.

What is the use if nobody will ever read your personal entries? A diary is a physical entity that can be read by others. It can be passed on easily. It is a standing testimony of your ways of thinking, how you looked at the world and so on. Turning back through the pages of the diary can be a real treat – like a ride on a time machine.

I feel some ideas take better shape on the diary while some are better expressed on the computer. It has often happened to me that I started writing and got worked up all too soon throwing away the pen in despair; hit the laptop’s power button, raised a storm on the keyboard and transferred my brainstorm into binary bits and bytes. But still, if I were to put my random thoughts in a coherent manner on a lazy day when I have all the time in the whole world to relax, I will indulge in the luxury of diary-writing and avoid the glow of the screen for a change.

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"Is The Computer Personal Enough?" by @bongbuzz



  1. i;m so used to reading techie and geeky stuff from you, this personal piece was a great read.
    altho i beg to differ abt RS…i can’t stand gyan… all these “how to do books” piss me off.
    i’ve been writing a diary for the past 10 years…trust me…when u go back and read ur old diaries its an amazing feeling…its like getting to know urself better.

  2. hi,

    me too writing diary.. in computer n will store online so that format:c wont cause any problem.. i have read RS monk who sold…. nice book..but i want to follow RS books or write diary.. i donno which one to do.. i cant do both..