I.V. Line – 5


“Good Morning Class.”, said Dr.Ghosh to a sleepy but eager class. I was all fresh and ready to grasp all she had to say.

“As you all know that Anatomy is a non-clinical subject. But its importance lies in the fact that it is the basis, the fundamental structure which will hold your entire medical career. So be serious about it. This will devour most of your time in this year as this subject is basically quite different and unique from all that you have studied before/ Biochem and physiology will have resemblance to things you have done. Concepts of anatomy were however new..”

I held my pen back and looked at Akash. He was struggling to copy even all this crap. Or was this important? I wondered. As I looked up I saw the brown-eyed girl looking at Akash too. She was wondering the same thing perhaps. Probably making her mind on the issue she joined the league of “ All teachers say is bible” league.

…This is very important. Hope you all have understood.” Man !! What is the  important thing I missed?

“Any doubts?”

“ Mam. Would you please repeat what you said?” I said trying to make a face as if I had heard every word she had said and failed to understand the concept.

“Look at me. This is the anatomical position of the human body. All things described in books are with respect to the anatomical position. This is the reference frame on which things will be described.. Is it clear…Whats ur name? ”

“ Rajiv Ray Mam.”

“So Rajiv now can you describe in words how the anatomical position is like for the benfit of others.”

I have screwed myself for the day I thought. She was just standing straight. What was there to describe? Or had she described that already and I missed that too staring stupidly at the brown eyed girl?

“Don’t worry. I know you don’t have a idea. Just try. I will modify whatever you say and make it correct. I know you can. Just look at me and describe.”

I was a bit confident now, “In the anatomical position a person stands straight with feet together and ……” I paused for a few moments to confirm “… and the palms facing front.”


The whole class looked at me. I made a straight and knowledgeable face.

“Its perfect except that we have certain specific terms for what he said. We will describe al related terms and then someone else will describe the anatomical position with respect to the terms.”

I sat down.Akash patted me on the thigh. The brown eyed girl was still giving a vacant look. It was just then that my phone started vibrating. I had an SMS.

It was from Suzanne “did ravi gv del no.? try coming to cal ths wkend. mis u lts”


Dr. Ghosh then went on to describe Supine, prone, inferior, superior anterior posterior medial lateral dorsal etc. All replete with numerous examples. She wasn’t Socratic in her lecture. It was always that she made us answer and modified them to perfection. She was good.

At the end of the class the brown-eyed girl spoke to Akash, “why do you two guys sit together everyday and that too on the same spot?”

Akash was tongue tied. A girl taking the initiative and talking to him was probably too much for Akash to handle.

“ Well friends are supposed to sit together. And why do YOU sit here everyday too?” I remarked.

“ I like this place.”

“ And akash likes sitting beside you.” I said sheepishly .

“ What??” she exclaimed.

Akash was probably too amazed to speak.

“ Haa.. just joking. Nothing like that.”

Probably the joke was not too nicely taken.  I did not want hostile bench-mates. And that too on the second day of my medical career.

“I am Rajiv. You?” I was deliberating whether to extend my hand as a matter of courtesy.

“ I am Ivy.” she extended her hand.

We had the initial formal introductions then. She introduced Akash and me to her roomie Diya.

The much discussed and deliberated big day of  the First Dissection class had finally arrived. I wore a neat white apron. Picked up  my newly packed scalpel blade and forceps and started walking from the hostel to the insti. Well to add up akash was not with me. For quite a few days now Aakash and Diya have developed a certain chemistry. Aakash have picked up the fine art of stealing moments with Diya without attracting much eyeballs. Diya was quite ordinary but quite talkative, She is what i call “a typical attention seeking Indian girl”, but nevertheless she was very friendly and helpful. I shared a common musical liking with her. When we discussed about rock aakash appeared to be quite uncomfortable. So  no more of it from today I thought.

Suddenly I got a tap on the shoulder, “ Hi. Seems you are studying a lot these days. How the heck do you remember all the boundaries of the windows.”, said Ivy

“ No no.. just pneumonics you see. I don’t have a great memory,”

“ What pneumonics.. tell me.Are they in the book?”

“ No. some were taught by my seniors and some ingenious.”

“ Tell me.”

“,Umm,,,, Cant tell you that… its for boys only…I mean its mundane.. using hostel lingo.”

“ “ I want to know….”

Thankfully before she could prod me more to tell me what it is we reached the insti gate.

I found Akash there. He kind of appeared out of his senses. He pounced on me and took me to a side. “ Man I need your help”

“ Sure.”

“ I need to talk to Diya.You got to help me”

“ That’s what you do everyday. Why do u need help??” I made an innocent , stupid and quizzical face (.These are moments to live for…)

“ I wanted to .. u know ask her oout.. as in…”

“ and I should test the waters for you? Bacche ki jaan lega kya..am not in this.”

“ You cant do like this. You will have to please..I mean am serious You got to understand.” He pleaded.

“ I judt don’t understand all this.. please I don’t want to get slapped by a girl so early in my medical career and that to for no purpose of mine. ..” As soon as I said this Aakas had a wrinkle on his forehead. This prodded the devil in me and I said, “ I suggest you stay away from all this too. I have been in a co-ed. Am telling you(putting my arm on his back) girls are crazy. What if she slaps you? And what if she complains to the principal? What if…”

“ There will be nothing like that” I suddenly heard. As we turned around we saw Ivy, “ Look every one in our hostel knows that Diya has a major crush on Aakash”

I was excited, “ Come on buddy Lets got and tell the girl, Show Her you are a man..” I started pulling Akash towards Diya who was standing at a distance. But my devilish side have had a more than intended effect on him. “ No I have heard what Rajiv says is a real worry. I will not go.” Akash said it with a face like that of a 5 year old whose toy has just been snatched.Ivy looked at me angrily and I tried to make a face which said “No No It was nt me. Must be some confusion.”

Trying to make amends and realizing this was a strict no joke time, I put my arms around him, “ Look If you love Diya You will have to take the risk. Look its like the drugs they always have side effects. But you have to take them considering its potential good aspects. We as ordinary mortals can’t control what other people do but that does not give you an excuse from not saying how you feel. At the end of the day love is all about what you feel and not about what you achieve. She might say she doesn’t love you, She might complain to the princi but how does it matter man? You still love her.. don’t you? “ I said that with the face of a knowledgeable saint. As I turned I saw Ivy listening deeply. A strand of sunlight falling on her locks of hair which covered her brown eyes made me suddenly realize she is really ….

“ Ya I do love her and will keep on doing so,” I was interrupted in my thought process.

“Ok. So Ivy there you walk to Diya and call her here. I stand over here and give Akash some moral support. As soon as Diya comes here I give her an Intro on what is about to come,.. and then its upto the both of them.”

Akash was amazed, “ Not now. Am not prepared.”

“ There is no need for preparations. If she says No I will feed you in a 5 star hotel for a whole month. Am sure it will be a yes. Just 3 words and the girl is in your pocket.”

“Pocket..!!!” said Ivy “ You are disgusting Rajiv..” and left to call Diya.

As Diya came over. I ran away without giving the promised intro I was supposed to give.

10 minutes of some staring at the trees and counting the dust particles on the floor exercise later I suddenly saw a tear on Diya’s lateral angle of the eye .(Proof of the fact that I am learning medicine. ;))

I turned at Ivy and said , “ You will have to give me a loan so that I can feed Akash in a 5 star. .. In fact you should pay. It was you on the basis of whose information I said all this. I always knew..” Ivy pointed her fingers to them. Both of them were coming towards us.

Akash hugged me and said  , “ Thanks man. A 5 star for you this Sunday. From both of us. Tum bin kuch nehi hota.”

I was more than happy to be the hero of the moment (with a 5 star treat in my pocket!!!) but probably to show my greatness I blurted out, “I think the credit for all this goes to Ivy. You two should take her along with me too.”

“ I don’t need anyone to invite me to the treat. Am the brides roommate.. Huhh!!”

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"I.V. Line – 5" by @bongbuzz



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