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The alarm stuck sharp at 0700 hours. I got up. As I stepped into the corridor toothbrush in mouth someone greeted me, “Good Morning Rajiv.” I turned back . He was my batchmate . We had met last night. Shit man! What was his name…

“ Good morning. You ready already?.”

“ Ya.. But could not muster the courage to go alone.”

“ I just woke up. Gimme 20 or so minutes.”

On the way I learnt his name was Akash. As Akash and me stepped in to the lecture theatre-1 I was dumbstruck. It was huge arranged in an amphi-theatre like fashion.Could sit about 200 people. It was almost all full though it was still 20 minutes to begin. Suddenly it struck me there wasn’t goin to be any morning assembly in school. Ohh!! I hated them so much(being an atheist). Colleges are fun I thought & whispered to Akash, “ I have been a backbencher all my life. You?”

“I prefer the middle.”

“ lets go for a compromise. Penultimate but one on the left. The side ones are empty.”

“ Guys and girls in the same bench. Wouldn’t that send the wrong message.”

“ Not from co-ed?”


“Don’t worry.” I lead him and purposely sat on the corner seat so that akash had to sit beside the girls. He almost stuck to me like fevicol ka mazboot jod leaving almost a foot away from the girls. I was enjoying his uneasiness initially but it was kind of getting sweaty. However I did not ask him to shift remembering Ifran bhaiya’s speech about compromise.

The professor soon walked in. She was a 50 something lady, short statured and with a firm face. She was wearing a black saree with some white designs. “ Good morning and welcome to class. I am the Anatomy Head of the Department Dr. Ghosh. As you would be aware that your university exams will be in  July next year. Our aim is to end the course at least two months before that so that you can get ample time for your second semester and also revise things and a preparatory leave. So that leaves us with just 10 months from now. When we were students Anatomy was to be completed in 2 years. You can jolly well imagine the time constraints….”

She was a no-nonsense lady I could make out. I was kind of getting terrified with her speech.

“…its upto you how u perceive things. You all have been toppers in your respective institutions. But whatever you have achieved is now zero. You did all  have to start afresh. Start from the scratch..”

So  my parents had lied to me. Every single day of the last two years I have been told , “ just work hard and study these two years and get into a professional course. Then you can relax and enjoy all the leisure you want ..” and blah blah..

I could not play my synthesizer and my stint with journalism( Voices-The Statesman In School. ) was abruptly paused all with the assurances that I can retake them once am in a med school. Sensing my lack of attention Akash gave me an elbow push. I returned back to my senses. “Give me your names. Don’t Worry I will learn most of them in a week or so. The government pays me for it.” It was the first time she gave us  a smile.

The day ended just with introductions in all the departments. There were no classes for that day. But each department has promised to be in top gear from the next day.

Akash and me were joined by Gaurav and Arjun. The discussion was kind of centering on seniors and teachers and what everyone has heard bout the course. Suddenly Gaurav remarked , “ I never expcted medical school will have such big nerds. Can’t you all discuss something other than studies? ”

“Like…” I asked.

“There are so many things. As if all the teachers were trying to scare us to the power infinity. Did you all check up the girls in the class? There was one in the first bench. Anyone has info.”

Akash replied, “ The  tall and round faced one with blue salwar?”


“ She is Sadiqua from Kolkata.”Akash replied in a snap.

So akash is not that asexual and XXphobic (pun intended!!) as he appeared initially.

“Bad luck man. One good girl and she is muslim.” Gaurav replied.

“Love never had any barriers-be it based on caste, creed religion or language. So go ahead.” suggested Arjun. He talked sensible and mature.

“It does’n happen that way. So bunk it.”

“Whatever you feel like. But if the youth like us don’t lead in changing existing perceptions then who will? Almost 60 years into independence and yet Secularism is just a lofty ideal.”, Arjun replied.

“Mr. Secular go ahead and marry Sadiqua & change the society. I want to enjoy life.”Gaurav replied in a mocking tone.

He was angry. Before he could say something which might push the argument further, I said“ Are n’t there anymore hot girls? Did you notice Akash.?” Sensing what I meant

Akash picked up. “The one beside me was nice too. Nice figure,brown eyes and a cute roundish face..”

Aakash had a keen observation I thought

We were near our hostel. When one of the bhaiyas from the previous night walked up in front of us. “ Hey! Did you guys open the envelop we gave you in the party.”

“The writings were insightful and the class routine and the syllabus really useful.”, replied Arjun.

“Great then. Next year you all will be writing. Have fun” and he walked away.

“ Whats his name?” I asked

“He is my roommate Parambrata. Rich chap but doesn show off. His father is in the textile business. He allowed me to use his lappy tomorrow. ”, Gaurav answered.

I rushed back into the room got fresh and opened the envelop.

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  1. @ PranC well its written in the way of a novel… its defntly nt endng wthn a few episodes…twll be the lrgst till date is a given too.. its prbly goin the american novel way.. chrctr intoductions….. situational dvlmnt … climax… rolling up…
    the soln i thnk mght be to put up a lrgr episode??

    1. are you a deadskins fan by any chance? Damn, Vick just threw a pick. And of course our Linebackers are making their tight end who is ready for an old folks home look like a 21 year old pro bowler. I take that back. On further review, if our bonehead coach had challenged the play it would not have been a pick. :(