I.V. Line – 2


Episode 2 (first episode @ http://www.bongbuzz.net/iv-line/)

As I walked into my hostel room I was greeted by a poster,

“ Visitors Welcome.. enter At your own risk.”

And there was Tom standing with all his armoury waiting for Jerry. As I peeked in I saw a bearded guy. He was about five feet six, fair with an atheletic build. But what caught me most was his expressive big eyes.

“ hey welcome junior..” He stood up. And gestured me to walk in. In an instant he asked, “Is you parents with you too” and he hid the ash tray into the drawer.

“ Am alone.”

“ Good so give me your intro.” Shit! Did he start ragging me already? I was nervous.

“Don’t worry. We don’t rag. Just unpack yourself and settle down.” Said the senior and walked away.

There was a subtle stress on the “We”. But on earth I couldn’t figure out what he meant. I decided on concentrating on my ruck sack. The room was about the same size as my room on home. But there would be one more person, It was an Iron bed.(resembling the ones used in hospitals). Pale white in colours there were writings all over the wall. Including the famed “ We don’t need now no edukasion.” in black and a very prominent

“It’s a sad thing not to have friends, but it is even sadder not to have enemies.” Who said that I wondered .

As I closed the door I saw a picture of Mother Teresa on one side and Che on the other door. I always thought boys hostels were filled with posters of semi-nude actresses and models. Was this just a show to impress the parents who come down with the freshers? Who cares—as long as they don’t rag me and I am provided with palatable meals I don’t.

I took out my first cell phone and neatly rubbed the screen with my sleeve and called up Suzanne,

“ Hello. The hostel is preety nice. How’ s your place?” “ Am a bit busy now. Call you later .”She cut the phone amidst a babble of laughter and screams. I felt a bit annoyed but I didn have the time. I planned to settle my room for the next 5 and a half hours before lunch.. In the evening my roommate Avi Bhaiya asked me to go to the corner most room of the block and meet Irfan bhaiya there. I was instructed not to speak more than asked for.

As I went into the room I saw there were around 15 more people huddled in one corner and 5 people sitting behind a table. “ I want to meet Ifran bhaiya. I am Avi bhaiya’s roommate,” Beads for perspiration filled my forehead. I did not want to get ragged at all.

“ Stand over there. We will have an intro session and then a short welcome party- well more of a snack session. In both of our good interests it is wise that juniors and seniors and batchmates themselves learn to cooperate with each other. So tantrums of any kind will not be tolerated. Adjustment and mutual co-operation are the two key words for surviving in the Hostel. You all start giving your introductions Name, Rank Year of passing +2 and what your parents do and whether u have any siblings and what they do. This is all we want to know. We seniors will return you back the favour. While the intros go on please write down your name, residential address and phone number in this notebook.” said one of them. I presumed he was the one called Ifran. He was about 6ft tall handsome clean shaven and spoke in a very soft and controlled tone.

“You were the last. You start.”commanded another guy to me. He had a short stature,dark and very thin. His dress also was not as impressive as Ifran. A plain gray shirt, with lots of stains and a black short adorned him. I could almost feel my heart pounding with adrenaline. I quivered “Rajiv Ray, Rank 452, Current batch student. No siblings.”

“You missed a point.”Ifran looked up. “ Ahh!! They are doctors in the government sector.” This continued till all of us have completed. The seniors told us there named and respective years and also told us a few other names whom we should contact in case of various needs. To my utter surprise they then left the room for the first years to interact between themselves. And yes there were a few bottles of Coke, chips and an envelope containing some papers for everyone.

As I returned back to my room I found Avi bhaiya writing something vigourously. He stopped and asked , “ So you have a girlfriend ?”

“No. I am all single.”

“Don’t lie kiddo. Your Suzy called you 8 times. Check your cell.” “

“ohh!! She is my school friend. Nothing like that.”

“ Well if there is something make everything or you will be left with nothing like me.” I liked his wordplay.

I send an SMS to Suzanne. “ No raggng yet. Th seniors hr seem good. Wat’s wit u?”

Waiting for the reply I dozed off….

next episode -the proatagonist’s first day in college

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"I.V. Line – 2" by @bongbuzz



  1. This is a good one…!! I liked it,,, Really wandering wen will you come up with the next episode….!! Cheers & carry on…!!!

  2. “ Well if there is something make everything or you will be left with nothing like me.” – Awaiting more on Avi Bhaiya… you may call me weird, but his first intro has intrigued me no end…

  3. All I can say is wow. Your desotmnration of passion on this topic is unsurpassed. This is some of the best informative content I have ever seen online. Thank you.