I hate the slang… 'Bong'

Rohon Kuddus

Hey all,

My first ever post here, in Bong Buzz… I requested Nipon to add me as a contributor in this blog, though I hate the word 'Bong'. This word once again speaks Viagra dosages about the cruel reality of our 'globalized vanity' (or should I say 'meaningless Americana'?). A world where Punjabi has become 'Khallu', Malayali are 'Mallu', we necessarily have to be Bong… quite simple!

So why I have joined Bong Buzz? Well, I found the recent posts interesting and of course, Nipon is such a sweetheart, I just could not resist to ask him for a window here.

Signing off today. Have a happy weekend!

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"I hate the slang… 'Bong'" by @bongbuzz

  1. first of all? are u gay? ur the first guy ever i have heard use the word “sweetheart”…thts wut ur “amercana” dumb blondes use.
    secondly americana has nothing to do with bongs or mallus and gujjus coz they didnt invent these words we did. ur indianas!
    and lets hope we’ll have more constructive posts from u in future.

  2. The word is no longer considered a parochial offensive label! It rather stands for.. well yes.. a globalized Bengali! Not necessarily one adept at aping western culture, but one open to newer ideas & newer cultures! One who is not limited within the confines of West Bengal. But then, lets not think too much! Whats in a name? And yes, you get no movies called gujju connection right? :D

  3. Hi Trina,

    Sorry, I am little late to reply. Anyway, I must say you have seen this world a little to hear ‘sweetheart’ from me (as a ‘guy’) first. And please have some respect for the gays. Because they do not stare at your breastline, that does not mean you have to use the word ‘gay’ to humiliate someone.

    Of course I know, Americans did not invent these bongs and gujjus, it’s our dumb smartness from where these words have come from. No hard feelings, I think you should keep your bong-vanity in yourself. And to see my constructive effort as a ‘bong’, just google my name.

    Happy blogging!

  4. And Nipon, sweetheart, “I do not like this ‘Bong’ sticker” — does not mean that you need to hate it as well. I tried to share my feelings towards it without hurting anybody. And if I have critisized bengalis, that includes me as well. We always need self-evaluation, I believe.

  5. I’m going through my replies again. And feeling bad for being so harsh. I’m sorry Trina. I should not write all these.

    Nipon, if possible, please erase that comment. I apologize for being a dork. Sorry!

  6. @ Rohan: God! this is such a long post i never even saw these comments. And please don’t say sorry…conflict is where the fun lies. Your replies were so much more interesting than ur post. Keep it flowing :D
    and wut is ur full name…i’ll google you.

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