HIV/AIDS– when stigma kills people!!!


Every year millions are spend to control HIV/AIDS and yet the disease now threatens to become a full blown epidemic in India. Stigma associated with the disease prevents even the educated youth to discuss or use preventive measures, Everyone seems to believe the myth that “people-like-me” dont “get AIDS”.
BUT THE REALITY is  you cant “get AIDS” .
It is like any other infectious disease with a known causative organism calle HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).The HIV virus attacks and eventually overcomes the body’s immune system, thus rendering it unable to defend the body against infections and various cancers.        


HIV is transmitted only through the following ways : (THERE ARE NO OTHER MODES )

a)Unprotected sex with infected individual
b)Transfusion of infected blood or blood products
c)Sharing contaminated needles or syringes.
d)From infected mother to child
 HIV is not transmitted by:
  • Casual physical contact like shaking hands or hugging.
  • Mosquito or insect bites.
  • Kissing
  • Coughing or sneezing.
  • Sharing toilets or washing facilities.
  • Sharing equipments 

So by this WORLD AIDS DAY (1st December 2011) pledge yourself to HUG a HIV+ve/ AIDS individual


IN RETURN BB WILL FEATURE YOU IN the “BB List of Pathbreaking Individuals 2011”  in the Special New Year Blog

Share your Pledge in the Comments Section and I will get back to you.

P.S. I hav personally hugged quite a few HIV+ve individuals and not got infected in a span of few months when I had the privilege of serving Calcutta Rescue ( (It is then only NGO which had supplied Anti-retroviral Drugs free of costs even before the Government of India started it.)

See their work in the following video and consider supporting them by way of contributions or volunteering.


This is the first installment of  a Blog series titled Making Disease History!!
Disclaimer : Reading this blog does not lead to establishment of any doctor-patient relationship.

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"HIV/AIDS– when stigma kills people!!!" by @bongbuzz