Who Will Stop This Germany!

Nipon Haque

If Germany had looked menacing against England, today they pushed their game several notches higher and reached the semis in absolute style, with a resounding victory of 4-0, putting an end to the World Cup run of Maradona’s boys. Conceding an early third-minute goal from Müller’s header, Argentina were in the backseat but they did exert some control on the field in the first half but utterly failed to breach the German defense. The second half was a complete rout for Argentina as their defense fell apart before the disciplined German invasion. For Argentina fans like me it is a sad day indeed but there’s no denying that Germany truly outclassed Argentina in every department and ruled the field! It was nothing short of a Buck Diche onslaught! Having scored 8 goals in 2 knock-out matches Germany now looks unstoppable!

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"Who Will Stop This Germany!" by @bongbuzz