Gandu Music Review: Overwhelming!

Nipon Haque

The movie Gandu (2010) is never complete without its punk appeal. We have been listening to it ever since the Gandu OST was available on torrent for download.

Rap, a pretty uncommon genre in Bengali music, is central to the movie. The protagonist makes little dialogue and it is his rap that drives forward the narrative while also venting out the hate and anger in his mind. English subs fill the screen in block letters with quick cuttings from one scene to another. As torrents of rap saturate our senses, the text and graphics overlapped with the rap beats set the pace of the movie.

The title track Gandu introduces Gandu to the audience and sets the movie rolling. While it is high on Gandu’s ire against the society, his hatred for his mother, his disappointment with his own life, it is also a satire mocking the society that is low on values and focuses on instant gratification. The music by FLI is kicking and the strong lyrics penned by Q bring out the anarchist in Gandu in a brutal, yet very comic, way. The song ends with Gandu’s ominous warning that he better be taken seriously – I am f*cking serious / Tumi bhabcho yaarki!

In Neel Chhobi, the protagonist, deep in the world of pornography and drugs, raps about the sexual frustration in his life – Neel chhobi kake bole shorir jane. Five Little Indians has come up with the perfect blend of music for the track that captures Gandu’s drug-induced erotic hallucination where the real merges with the surreal and fantasy meets reality.

Rickshaw has great beats, and lyrics that bring out the ‘rhythm‘ of the human-driven rickshaw, that goes blaring its horn pack-pack-pack-pack on a gij-gij-gij-gij rasta. Unlike the other tracks, this one is not high on Gandu’s outrage against the society. But he does rap about the rickshawala‘s hard life – Rod e bhara khete / Pat pore pete – and hints that human lives are valued little.

The other songs from the OST are Harihar (Sara raat Harihar shuye shuye bhabe/ Bollywood heroine konta ke pabe), Dhoya and Protest.

The amazing reception of the music has prompted Q to perform live. Gandu Circus, the rap outfit comprising Neel Adhikary, Jivraj Singh (of Skinny Alley and Pinknoise) and Q himself, has just finished their Europe tour.

Gandu Circus

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  1. First things first. It’s a delicious read all through. Words and thoughts well-knit, it takes us into the core of this revolution called ‘Gandu’. It has struck at the heart of the Tollyisland where complete nonsense like 100% Love and over-expressed soirees have become the order of the day. It’s time we look beyond and cultivate more arenas like this. Gandu and it’s music together tell the same thing – a teenager, his aspirations and his tryst with all the earthly realities, but the difference lies in the take and the presentation. Well done, Nipon. You have made Bongbuzz take a quantum leap by posting this exquisite review. Kudos to the Master!

  2. সত্যি বলতে সমাজের একটা ঘৃণ্য অথচ সত্যিকারের দিককে তুলে ধরেছে এই ছবিটায়, এক কথায় দ্বিতীয় ‘গল্প হলেও সত্যি’, sarcastically, ছবিটা আমি দেখেছি, কিন্তু মিউজিকটা আত খুতিয়ে শুনিনি, পোস্টটা পড়ে খুব সুন্দর ভাবে বুঝতে পারলাম। বেশ মর্মস্পর্শী…

  3. A superb read!
    A great OST!
    The title track ‘Gandu’, ‘Neel Chhobi’ and ‘Rickshaw’ are what I’m listening to in loop these days! Kudos to Q and FLI for the amazing BONG thrash metal! \m/