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  1. What is Bong Buzz all about?
    Consider taking a look at the About Us page.
  2. Who are the people behind Bong Buzz?
    Please take a look at – Contributors.
  3. How can I contact the people from Bong Buzz?
    Feel free to get in touch – We are spread across India – in Kolkata, Bengaluru and New Delhi.
  4. I want to write on Bong Buzz.
    Write for us
  5. I want to invite you to our event / programme / workshop so that you can blog about the experience.
    Feel free to invite us if you are hosting any event in Kolkata / Bengaluru / New Delhi. We will definitely try to attend and may be even blog about it. Please keep in mind that Bong Buzz is a group blog and not a one-man show. We may need more passes than just one! :-)
  6. My comment is not showing.
    If you are certain that your comment is not showing on the site in spite of conforming to the comment policy, please inform us.
  7. How do I add my own picture in my comment, like I see on comments left by others?
    The comment avatars are pulled from the popular avatar service Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatars). Go get an account there to get started – the email address you sign up to Gravatar with and the one you use here on Bong Buzz to post comments must be the same!
  8. I can’t read the Bengali text on this website properly.
    That’s because the standard installation of Windows XP doesn’t have support for complex script by default. To view Indic languages on your computer, you need to install support for complex script. A complete instruction is given at this link – Configuring XP for Bangla. Note: Windows Vista & Windows 7 and all popular Linux distributions come with full support for Indic languages. If Opera Mini users are getting boxes instead of Bengali characters, please refer to this post – Display Bengali Text In Opera Mini.
  9. I want to post a comment in Bengali. How to write Bengali characters?
    Windows users can use the very useful Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool or the more powerful Avro. Linux users can use Avro.
  10. If I Share/Like a post on Bong Buzz, will my Facebook identity become public?
    All Facebook activities on Bong Buzz will be visible only to your friends (or according to your Facebook privacy settings). See Privacy Policy.
  11. Why do I see advertisements on this site?
    Since hosting is anything but free, we need advertisers! Also see Privacy Policy.