Why I Quit Facebook

John J Sinha

My social life has actually improved since exiting Facebook

FB can be a big distraction, a deviation from the real life to a virtual one. I think people should be in touch, yes, but not too much. Odd as it might sound to you, I personally believe that the mobile phone and social networking are bringing them too close than they were meant to be (as in how human beings are supposed to be); what about personal space? Personal time? A real life?

Not everybody is as well disciplined as Nipon is with making social networking a decent extension of his own life. Most people extend their own lives to Facebook and the like in the form of a honest (and sometimes not-too-honest) deception. It, I believe, leads to conflict of relationships.

When you look at the status of your friends on Facebook, does it actually reflect what they “Truly” are? Or is it how they want you to think about them? So I don’t believe it is a “true” extension of your self. I cannot buy a Ferrari in real life, but I can surely post a picture of myself in one and post it as my own.

Facebook makes it easy to for me to be dishonest and pretentious. Not that I am saying you and me are dishonest, but the average Joe on FB is not entirely honest. Anyways, the time-saving component has been enough for me. My social life has actually improved since exiting Facebook.

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"Why I Quit Facebook" by @bongbuzz



  1. I agree. I did the deactivation finally.. had been thinking to do it for the last few weeks! Its not that I have stopped net-surfing just that i have put a full-stop to Facebook (for the time being). I did it just yesterday. I am a happier person now, more happy than day before yesterday! :))

  2. Oh yes I had. I used to feel all day long that I am missing out something, as if there is something out there that I should do but not doing; also at the same time not quite understanding why am I not actually doing which is not that difficult to do! I hope you understood what I am trying to say..! Well, the feeling was difficult to express, I did it anyhow! Phew!

  3. @Johnda:The “time suck” issue doesn’t worry me. Any matured adult should know how to balance his priorities. What plagues me is the vast number of uncool people who keep polluting the Facebook-space everyday. Uncool people who have no sense of discretion and share every detail of their life. Then there are those who encroach into others’ cliques and spoil an ongoing conversation. People who have no sense of grammar and converse in ill-constructed sentences with no regard to punctuation. Facebook is full of pretentious people – yes I totally agree with you there – who find Facebook a perfect medium to fake their lives!

    Well in the glory old days when FB was kinda new, only cool folks were here. Now the entire Orkut population is here :-/ In the social network of my dream, there should be an admission test, yeah! :-)

    I have seriously considered leaving Facebook more than once. But I can’t pull the plug on my Facebook life. I will lose a lot of online clout, as I concluded after an elaborate conversation with blogger extraordinaire and social networking genius PC (aka Pranab Chatterjee)! Also, I own or co-own a few pages and groups in Facebook which I can’t let go orphan.

    Finally, when someone is busy having lyad, a little bit of Facebooking can’t be bad – it might actually get him laid ;)

  4. Nipon Ji,

    You have described the very problem. You mention the vast number of people who are uncool and who pollute. Actually, I feel it is they who are doing it the “right way” (the Facebook way) and “we” who are misfits! Facebook is meant to be intrusive, nonprivate, and loud! It is designed to spread fast and wide and envelop your time and energy and basically have you hooked up. On Facebook, you want to know what is happening among your second circle of friends or an acquaintance. What happened on the date your new friend had? Did he get laid? Or not? What job is he doing? How much did that new car cost? Or the new mobile phone? How does he change phones every month? And a girlfriend every week? And so on and so forth…

    Grammar – who cares as long as Zuckerberg is walking happily to the bank.