Germany vs England: Great Memories!

Nipon Haque

I’ll remember the Germany England pre-quarter final match not just because it fell on my birthday and I, in a mood to celebrate with friends, got to watch the match on the LCD displays over dinner at a fine place, but for the fact that it was truly an enjoyable action-packed match with the Germans dominating in every department and the Brits getting a well-deserved hammering. Never an England fan, I was pleased to see the Germans go all out right from the start, overwhelming the English side with their speed and power, and the scoreline reading 2-0 after 35 minutes, the English defense totally humilated by Müller, Schweinsteiger, Sami Khedira, Miroslav Klose and Özil. The English got into some character at this point and Mathey Upson scored from a header.  Controversy arose when the English were denied a goal as the referee and linesman failed to see that Lampard’s strike had crossed the goalline before bouncing over and spinning out. More than anything, this match will be mostly talked about for this refereeing goof-up. Yet, the controversy has opened the floodgates and technology is all set to formally enter football! The two counter-attacks by Germany in the 2nd half, just as the Brits were looking desperate to score, not only gave the match a decisive 4-1 scoreline but it was pure visual delight for the football lovers! At first Schweinsteiger and Müller and then Özil and Müller raced down the field reaching the other end in seconds and Müller making no mistake to score each time! If the German team continues to tick like this, like a well-oiled machine with clockwork precision, Argentina better watch out!

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"Germany vs England: Great Memories!" by @bongbuzz