Do You Get Déjà Vu?

Nipon Haque

Do you experience déjà vus? I get them quite often though less frequently nowadays. When you see or experience something and think “I’ve experienced this before” even if it never happened, that is called a déjà vu. It has a compelling sense of familiarity, accompanied by a sense of eerieness. Something that your mind can’t explain yet is very sure of.

Like once I met a professor in the staircase and had a talk with him. Then I had the feeling that I had this experience already. Exactly at this place with the same professor and the same words exchanged. I was so sure. There are many other instances of déjà vu I have experienced as a child.

While scientists have tried to explain it as a neuronal anomaly, many believe déjà vu to be a pshycic ability. Many have related déjà vu to astral projection or even reincarnation. Time is a dimension too but we can’t time travel. If our minds could sometimes move across time then explaining déjà vu would be quite easy! In the movie Matrix, when Neo (Keanu Reeves) experiences déjà vu in the Matrix world – seeing a black cat crossing a  threshold twice over – Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) becomes certain that there has been a change in the coding of Matrix.

70% of the normal population experience déjà vu at least once in their life. My medicine book tells me that people suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy experience déjà vu very often. This probably indicates déjà vu has something to do with how our nerves function in the brain. Some drugs too can initiate this eerie feeling.

The opposite of déjà vu is jamais vu. I have experienced this too few times when I was very young. I kept uttering a word in my mind repeatedly and then started to doubt if the word really existed. A definition of jamais vu will be something like this – a person momentarily doesn’t recognize a word, person, or place that he/she already knows.

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  1. “My medicine book tells me that people suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy experience déjà vu very often”
    Hey mate this may be my case and i face this kind of situation very often…to be candid at these times I feel that this is my extra visionary power than others.hehe!!
    It was so nice of you to underscore this topic,as I always felt what is it which I always face?
    Eg.Last Wednesday I went to a store with mom n didi & I was feeling that I had been here before…’dejavu !!

  2. Having a déjà vu is a great feeling. Although it can be a little unnerving, it is something to savour. For the last one year or so, I din’t get a single one and I am kinda upset!

    In Da Vinci Code, when Robert Langdon was rudely awaken from his deep slumber by the sharp ringing of the telephone at midnight and Lieutenant Collett showed up at the door of his ‘Hotel Ritz Paris’ room, to summon him to the Louvre Museum where Captain Bezu Fache was getting ready to grill him, Langdon, still groggy, tried to regain his senses and had a strange feeling of déjà vu for he was in a similar situation last year when the CERN director had sought his help. But that was a real past experience. As for the kind of feeling that we are discussing, the situation has never really existed before. Only people who have experienced this will know what we are talking about. Most of my friends at college have experienced déjà vu but a few gave me a comical look when I asked them!

    To write déjà vu with proper accents you have to type like this, while keeping Num Lock turned on.

    é ALT 0233
    à ALT 0224

  3. Scientists have been able to “recreate” deja-vu by stimulating the temporal lobe of the brain. So the explanation is that is it most definitely related to stimuli there, physiologic (in day-to-day life) and pathologic (eg., temporal lobe epilepsy).

    Nonetheless, I think, the above explanation does not make the enigma lesser. It is perhaps a moment where dimensions cross or perhaps an insight (into the future).

  4. I am rather a bit practical so having no experience about DEJA VU, but I ll be waiting eagerly to have such experience.I ll comment again after reading the portion again. Such writing is of course praiseworthy. But one should not get nervous if he or she experiences DEJA VU.

  5. to be specific i hv experienced both deja vu and jamais vu quie a lot of times during childhood and now i think experiencing deja vu is an extraordianry power and is an advantage surely.i always used to think may be its something related to sixth never knew the term deja vu if u hadnt mentioned n explained the science behind it.thanks bro..excellent piece of information shared.

  6. even i have experienced this a lot may times and cant explain why i feel that way and sometimes just bang my head to remember when did i last see such a thing.

  7. deja vu is too common to me….and same is the case with jamais vu….
    i wud really appreciate if any one cud post a link or suggest a book that explains more than this on these topics…

  8. Hey ppl, it appears that I keep getting jamais vu.. only that I don’t notice it always. Few days ago I was reading Shock a chapter in Pathology. And suddenly the very word shock looked foreign to me. From whichever way I looked at it, it seemed to make no meaning to me!