Dev D – Emotional Attyachar Worth It!

Nipon Haque

Hats off to Anurag Kashyap for a very bold and mature movie which is so dark and beautiful. I think for the first time in Hindi cinema, the F-word has been used! The characters are as real as they can be. The movie is very contemporary with Anurag Kashyap making references to recent incidents like the DPS MMS scandal without being too sensational and also the BMW hit-and-run case wherein he manages to sneak in a social warning message of the dangerous outcome of alcohol abuse, without sounding preachy! The movie is very mature and straight-on-face type. The cast was fine. All the actors do justice to the characters. Abhay Deol is  brilliant. He handles his role with absolute ease. Mahi Gill brings out the unapologetically passionate Paro very well. Kalki portrayed the coquette schoolgirl like no one else could and guess what, her Jolie-like lips are already the talk of the town!

Story-wise this modern day rip-off of Devdas is crap. At first you think what the hell is going on but soon you realize the movie is all about stunning camerawork & amazing music and stop caring about the story. The cinematography is a pure visual delight. Each shot is like a great artwork or painting. Everyone is raving about the look, the lights, the contrasts and the colours of the movie. An experienced friend told me, you would know how accurate the cinematography is if you dope – for this is how the world looks like when you dope. The fantastic visual ride is complete with an 18-score soundtrack, which I think it blended very well with the movie. Emotional Attyachar has already attained a cult status! You find at the end that the 172 minutes of emotional atyachar was very much worth it! It seems Bollywood has dawned upon a revelation and taken movie-making to another level. Dev D is a radical movie that will become a milestone.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Written with some ideas and inputs from Trina.

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"Dev D – Emotional Attyachar Worth It!" by @bongbuzz



  1. Nipon! CHor! I so had the right write a review on this movie…this is like MY MOVIE!! I was gonna write it today…but u stole my thunder!
    And at least give me credit for my quotes…plagiarist!
    just kidding…otherwise great review…

  2. I’d just like to add that Abhay Deol is such a dude! The only decent Deol. He’s not a great looker…but he just came across as so attractive in the movie…those shots of him in a white vest…not a great body too..but I don’t know what it was…it was so turning on! Probably his personality…dieing to see more of him :D

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