Clearing the Air.

Pranab Chatterjee

Trina’s article created quite a bit of buzz in the comments section, fueled in no insignificant part by anonymous commenters like Dexter and bayharbourbutcher and Debra Morgan (all names culled from the show called, you guessed it, Dexter).

Now, I had been posting a few snarky comments in the Bongbuzz posts under fictitious names which I was always quite open about. Now, in my opinion, dexter et al have crossed a few lines and I am afraid they may have offended Nipon or Trina, who happen to be friends with me, and who I would never dream of insulting, anonymously or otherwise.

A couple of days ago, Nipon texted me and addressed me as Dexter, and I had no clue what he was talking about, so when I checked out Bongbuzz, and found the pseudonymous asshat talking trash, I was a bit taken aback, and decided to write this post to clear my name.

There is an easy way to acquit me: and this I say to Trina (especially) and Nipon: check the IP addresses associated with the comments. I have made them anonymously/pseudonymously on the same days as have these asshats. Compare the geolocation data and find out for yourself if it is comparable or not.

I know this isn’t a foolproof manner, but should be good enough.

I am sorry guys, I am not as big a jerk as most people believe me to be.

And since this post is mainly directed to Trina and Nipon, I am going close comments on this one and hope that it is saved from the trolls…

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"Clearing the Air." by @bongbuzz