Bye Bye BLOGbird: RIP RXtar

Pranab Chatterjee

Pakistan’s gutsy young wicketkeeper, Zulqarnain gave up cricket after he was threatened by fixers and terrorists and stuff. I received a couple of emails from a senior colleague who has entered into the business of world of medical education, urging me to change the tone of my personal blog. And I decided to go ahead and close shop.

Why, you may ask? I have a host of reasons to cite but by far the most important one is that deep down in my heart, I agree that my carefree, may-the-world-go-to-hell style of blogging is okay as long as I was a student-blogger. But once I stepped into the shoes of a Doctor, the whole thing changed.

It is ironic that I am using a blog post to ring the death knell of my personal blog, but that is it… I will blog somewhere else where I can use a thinly veiled cover to mask my identity (come on, no one can stay unidentified in this day)…

I will, however, keep blogging here about random cr#p and keep commenting with gusto, as I have been doing so far but seriously, I need someone to counterpunch too, it is no fun throwing punches in the air.

It was a great ride, as long as it lasted. It is a pity that it is over though. RIP Rxtar

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"Bye Bye BLOGbird: RIP RXtar" by @bongbuzz



    1. I *somewhat* agree to the idea that doctors should carry themselves sane and sober in online public places and not quite the rockstar glamour that you exuded on RxStar :P (though I am not too sure of that; to conclude something as serious I need to go through RxStar all over again but can’t do so as it is down now)

      Having said that, I think your killing the blog was quite an overkill! With your blog going down, all the posts bookmarked by your readers now point to nothingness. Too bad! All my comments on various posts on your blog vanish into thin air too *sobs* My point is, whatever is published let it stay! Isn’t that how we all expect the internet to work? If there is a change in style, let it reflect in the future posts!

      Finally, I am really interested to take a sneak peek into what your senior colleague told you, if it ain’t a problemo!

      1. well a blog to end a blog is xactly showing how much he loves to blog.. wait til the withdrawal symptoms set down.. he wont be able to control himself and thn there will be blog blog blog.. love will find its way ;)

        1. If I do start blogging again, I will be completely anonymous… it took me a lot of will power to shut my blog down just when it was starting to get a few readers. Unfortunately, I decided not to compromise on my style of blogging. I do agree killing the blog was an overkill, but anyways, it seemed like the only way out without compromising on my stands.


    1. i know i did the disappear-reapper trick on facebook and twitter but i was never really very serious about them sending out wrong signals about me since they were essentially discussion forums and to be honest, i think FB has decent privacy options which lets me control what I want others to see. But the blog is an open to all thing. There is little meaning in writing a personal blog and keeping it private!

      I can say this much I don’t know what my blogging future looks like, but i am sure on one affair: I am not reviving RXtar anytime soon. However, to hold on to my personalized email I have just renewed my domain subscription today.

      The bottomline remains that I miss blogging. But that means I will end up commenting more substantially (and blogging occasionally) on Bongbuzz! :)

    2. This is disappointing. I feel like most gaming/nerd sites make a conscious effort to push back on the insufferable cosplay shaming that goes on whenever they share cosplay pics from events. Actively participating in the shame is just disgusting.