At Your Cervix

Pranab Chatterjee

Just read this NDTV Article online and I think it is bad form to bad mouth one’s female colleagues. But I do feel a bit sorry for the young, testosterone-charged folks, who just could not hold it in (the abuses, I mean) on the eve of a fashion show, that their female classmates were preparing to participate in.

Now that the news has spilled onto the news hungry national media, the authorities will feel compelled to take exemplary actions against the ones who have been implicated in the crime (apparently, there is also a CD: anyone help me out by uploading the contents to Youtube, please?).

In all honesty, the girls have done them lecherous boys a good turn by asking the Dean to not throw them out or hamper their careers, but this offense should not merit a get thrown out of college sort of punishment.

In all probabilities, these poor folks were probably just too caught up in the Hindi-moviesque style of Lafangagiri and are, in all probabilities big nerds when they are on their own time (heck, they are med students: how adventurous can they be?). All they need is a bit of a shouting at and a long session with the Head of the Department of Psychiatry giving them a stern lecture on mores and codes and other such fluff.

To be honest, I think this is a little sad. Our society is catapulting forward into the twenty first century but our mindsets are still recovering from the cultural shock. That is why, we stare judgmentally (and salaciously) at a girl wearing a ridiculously mini skirt walking by. That is why we say the girl who got raped, “had it coming”. That is why we… heck, you get the general picture.

So what is the way out? Hey, heard of Sex ed? Hopefully with all the “poribortoner hawa” (Winds of change) blowing around, that will change too.

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"At Your Cervix" by @bongbuzz



  1. couldn’t agree with you more.
    was trying to come up with some smart aleck comment to piss you off…but you stole the words from my mouth…i mean, keyboard.