13 unlucky QUESTIONS THE MEDIA should seek answers for and answer too


  1. Are Junior doctors the only doctors in the Health Service?
  2. Why senior doctors who take NPA not acted upon when it is an open truth that they have chambers?
  3. Patient parties come in a stressed situation to the hospital they are harassed by dalals (who are either red or green in colour.. hope you all get it). they are harassed by clerk , the GDA’s the nurses(they have made their own set of rules of convenience) , the sweepers… is it doctors who harass them?
  4. IS instant justice the rule of the day? if a pateint party(who has no idea about medical science) thinks there has been negligence why not go to the courts? are Indian courts unable to give justice? or is it a case of justice delayed is justice denied?
  5. Does the public have any right to assault doctors or any health staff? Dont they have any moral obligation? why does the media blatatnly support any allegation of medical negligence? why does it conduct a trail by media and declare the doctors gulity.. when reportetrs are nothing monre than asrts postgraduates? Can a discussion in an AC room in a chat show with a consultant enough to discuss medical negligence?Why does the media not employ people who really understnd such things ? why r their no Medical reporters liks sports reporters or economic reporters???What happned to autopsies or evidence based medicine?
  6. Why the media never does follow up any story to the core?
  7. Why does the media want to enter the wards or procedure rooms when patient parties are asaulting health proffesionals? to take a bite? Ethical journalism requires that you need not enter such places.. correct me if am wrong journalists in ordinary times are not allowed to enter hospitals..just cause some vandals have entered the hospitals it doesn give the journos right to enter with them?
  8. Why do journos dont have their ID cards hanging from their necks?
  9. When infrastructure is deficient and people want optimal care–the nearest person to blame and as…sault are these young doctors who are the immediate public face of an incomplete health service system–where running an IV fluid is thought to be treatment.
  10. There has been repeated assault on these young doctors–male and female by goondas in the form of “patient party” But are these pateint parties ever arrested? Has the media ever asked any patient party ” who gives you the right to destroy public property essential life saving equipments and beat up people who are saving lives?? “
  11. why are the peripheral medical colleges(outside kolkata) at the most  upgraded Sub-divisional hospitals? Where is  the 24 hour USG?24hr X RAY? 24hrCT SCAN?24 hr MRI? 24 hrPathology and biochem labs?How are doctors  supposed to treat patient’s adequately with NO modern facility??
  12. The courts have been closed for the last few days with total stoppage of work. Justice is being delayed and held to a ransom. where is you coverage then?
  13. Just because doctors have taken an oath doesnt mean that they are the only ones in the society who have the obligation to serve tirelessly, to put agony before themselves? Whatt bout the policemen who are posted to prtect doctors other staff and the govt property? why dont they even come insuch situations? Has a single guard or policemen in any such incident ever even had a scratch? Why isnt anyone asking why they did not do their duty? Why doesnt anyone ask polticians any questions when they boycott the parliament and put all work to standstill??

Please open your ears eyes & mouth and answer!

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"13 unlucky QUESTIONS THE MEDIA should seek answers for and answer too" by @bongbuzz